Friday, September 19, 2014

Race Registration-Palooza!!

Monday was a big day.... for my Southwest Airlines Visa card.

I registered for the following races:

  • Bringing Up The Rear 10k (Oct 5, 2014) -- Returning to this race for the 3rd year.  They added a 10k!  This will actually be my third 10k too and the first that I really race it.
  • Kansas Half Marathon (Nov 2, 2014)
  • Ironman Louisville (Oct 11, 2015)-- Returning to ironman-distance racing!  
  • Ironman 70.3 Muncie (July 11, 2015) -- After 3 years of triathlons, I'm finally putting money in WTC's pockets.  They have big pockets too (read: $$$$).
  • Boston Marathon (April 20, 2015) -- The real driver for September 15 being race registration-palooza.
I'll write more about about the Ironman races in a future post but for now, let's chat Boston.

Registration opened at the same time I had a meeting. Even though there was no true benefit for registering the minute it opens, I did anyway.  In my rush to get to my meeting, I managed to flip-flop entering my First Name and Last Name in their respective fields.  While this was my mistake for being in a hurry, WHO DESIGNS AN ONLINE FORM IN WHICH YOU ASK FOR LAST NAME THEN FIRST NAME!?!?!?

As soon as I noticed that, I called BAA (Boston Athletic Association).  I didn't want the reason I didn't get in was because they couldn't validate my race results because they couldn't find my name!  Unfortunately, the person I talked to on the phone didn't have access to the registration data yet (it "uploads" at the end of the day) but she assured me they would correct it.

Even still, nerves got to me so I called on Thursday to confirm that they would fix my name.  They, in fact, did fix my name and had confirmed my 3:08:13 marathon time.  Whew.

Another reason I wanted to validate it was because when registration closed on Wednesday (the last day of 2nd week registration), BAA confirmed that they received enough applications to fill the race!

So the next big date is Wednesday, September 24 when they said they will have completed verification and will notify applicants of their final status.  Regardless, I'm going to be checking the Entry List hourly until then in the event they finish early!

Other Purchase
I also made another large triathlon purchase. I put in an order for Garmin Vector power meters.  Anxious to get those puppies installed and start analyzing some of that wattage data!