Thursday, May 30, 2013

Kansas City Corporate Challenge Bike Race

I had originally eyed signing up for the Corporate Challenge Bike Race but the way I read the schedule it appeared that I had a conflict for an event I had on Thursday.  As the coordinator was needing participants for my age group, I was asked to participate and then found I would ride Wednesday.  Sweet!

No clue what to expect for this race since it was the first time I had ever participated in an event that only included the bike component. Not to mention the fact that I had never used my bike in a race situation!  I did two mock time trials over the last month at the downtown airport.  My first ride I had to contend with a 13 - 15 mph and the second had to deal with a 20 - 25 mph wind.  As it turned out, both days I averaged roughly the same speed during it.. about 23.5 mph.

So I guess my goal was faster than 23.5 mph.  I'd love to see something over 25 mph but conditions would have to be perfect.


Probably not the best idea, but we were running behind so we picked up Sonic on the way there.  I got a grilled chicken sandwich and ate half my fries.  It was still 1.5 hours before the race, so I wasn't worried.  Boy was that a mistake, as I'll point out below.

Pumped up to a high 180 psi!!
We arrived at the Kansas Speedway about 5:20 and after prepping the bike, we headed over to sign-in.  My parents came down to watch as well so all took off for the sign-in booth. I got number 293.   That's important because it is the order in which you start.  I was supposed to start at 6:15, so I then took off for a warm up bike.  I had planned to make it back to the start about 6:05.

The 'Rents and Me
I did 3 or 4 laps around the parking area where other folks were warming up.  Had I given myself more time I might have ventured out to the outer road.

There was a huge group of cyclists waiting to get started.  From where I was positioned, I couldn't tell what the plan was.  Soon Eric (who was participating in his first triathlon at KC Tri when it had was cancelled...) stopped by and was hanging over with TKB and my parents.  So I walked over there.  I was actually feeling oddly light headed, so it was good to go over and get a drink of Gatorade and sit down.

The Felt B12 and the Giro Air Attack head protector.  The new helmet worked nicely.

Eric made the good point that there were still plenty of females in the big group of cyclists, so until they thinned out there was no point of going over there.  The females were starting before the males.

As the ladies thinned out, we went over.  They were calling groups of riders over to the start line in sets of 10s based on the bib numbers.  Eric was in the 260s, so he left quite a bit before me.  By the time I made it over to the start line, it was about 6:35pm.

So there was no elevated platform to start like "The Tour" but you did have someone steady your bike so you could get fully clipped in and after calling:

"Timers Ready"

"Cyclist Ready"




(To best honest, it would feel much more authentic had it been "Trois", "Duex", "Un"!!)

So I did a little research before hand on Time Trial tips.  One said to have your front leg in the 10 o'clock position.  I guess that's because you would get a push to move you over the top and get you ready to stomp on the pedal.  A coworker recommend getting close to your high gear.  I didn't quite do that but had there been a ramp, that might make sense.

A little awkward fully clipping in while standing still.  Luckily for the guy in white, I held in my fart because I needed it around turn 3.
Off I went.  I got out of the saddle initially and then moved into my aero position once I got up over 20 mph.  The wind hit right away but it wasn't as bad as I expected.  I think the bank of the speedway helped block the wind, which was blowing in from the southwest.  It was still bad though.  I was also turning out of the headwind so it would soon be at my back.

With the individual time trial start, I immediately had someone to chase down.  I caught the guy who took off in front of me in about half a mile.  I also passed a few more people who were probably on their second lap.

My first mile clicked off in 2:29 (24.2 mph)

Second mile started at the north most point of the speedway.  It was also at this point that the headwind picked back up.  ugh.  I saw my speed drop under 20 mph a couple times but I just pushed and tried to keep the cadence up.

The only time I did get passed was at this point by a guy who had just started as we were on the south side of the loop.

2nd Mile: 2:44 (22.0 mph)

Photo from Mingle Kansas City Photographers

The third mile was me just trying to continue pushing as hard as I could.  To finish I crossed into the pit road where on the first lap I simply stayed on the track.

3rd Mile: 2:04 (27.1 mph)*

The third mile was mostly with the wind not-in-yo-face so it was easily the fastest.  I did have the headwind on the pit road but obviously just pushed as hard as I could so it was as much of a non-factor as possible.

* - I stopped my Garmin about 8 - 10 seconds after I finished, so the time for this mile was actually less and average speed was higher.


Notice everything in the view is clear... except me.  Just. Too. Fast. Right?

Official Time: 7:13.19 (24.9 mph)
Age Group: 14 of 67
Division Place: 6th (earned a couple extra points for the team!)

The event was organized quite well and how often do you get a chance to actually race on the Speedway.  Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to take it all in as I was deep in the aero position and narrowly focused on staying on the white line and not getting blown over by the wind.

The Proof

Another a-dork-able photo
Eric and I about to head over to the start.  I felt somewhat bad not wearing my DST bike jersey but it isn't skin tight, so didn't need any more "sail" material in that wind.  I wore my Corporate Challenge T-shirt the rest of the time.

PS-  My decision to have Sonic before the race really didn't impact me.  I'm just being a punk to make you read through my blog post.  Funny, right?  Right? Please come back!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Week in Review - Ironman Training Week 8

May 20 - May 26
Swimming: 5000 yards / 1 hour, 46 Minutes
Bike: 105 Miles / 6 hours, 30 Minutes
Run: 16.2 Miles / 2 hours, 18 Minutes
Strength: 60 Minutes

Totals: 124 Miles / 11 Hours, 27 Minutes

 This might actually big my biggest volume week ever.  105 miles bike is due to commuting to work two times this week.  Woo hoo!  Interesting enough, I actually missed one strength training session due to my trainer being sick and I missed my weekend long run for a couple reasons.

I actually managed about a 1/3 of a mile when my right knee wouldn't stop hurting during each step.  It's actually been bugging me off and on for the last month.  I don't think I was mentally into the run considering that as soon as I got home I laid down because my head as stuffy.  That then turned into two full day laying in bed through Memorial Day.

The last time my knee was hurting me I went back to my Mizuno Inspire shoes instead of my Mizuno Elixer.  This seemed to help.

I got an awesome 41 mile ride in on Saturday.  A few weeks ago I met a new member to the YMCA while waiting for the pool to open.  He had just moved here from California and we were chatting about triathlons.  New to the area?  Yes!  I'd love to show you some bike routes around the area. So I met Brian by the local grocery store and we went north to Interurban (while picking up Dainty at the Embassy Suites) and we put in a 2 hour and 45 minute ride.  Beautiful morning for a ride!

This Week
Hoping this cold ends soon because I've got a huge week ahead.  Not necessarily in the ironman training but in races.  I'm doing the KC Corporate Challenge Bike Race on Wednesday.  This will be two laps on the Kansas Speedway track.

Maybe I'll add this decal in honor of my brother's favorite NASCAR driver.
Hospital Hill Half Marathon is this Saturday as well.  Still debating on my goals for the race.  I think my plan is to just have a ton of fun during the race.  I don't see a PR this weekend since I haven't had a chance to hit those distances in training.

Final Prep and Tips for Hospital Hill Run!

This blog post is part of a series of posts associated with the Hospital Hill Run Blog Team.  For more information, see my original post.  To see all blog posts, review those that are tagged as "Hospital Hill Blog Team".  The race is sold but feel free to check out their website!

We are less than a week away and I've posted some of my tips and tricks for having a good race.  Hope you find them helpful!

Dress Rehearsal
By now we should have a pretty good idea of what the race day weather is going to be like.  You should start taking a look at your wardrobe of running clothes to decide what you plan to wear.  If you are buying a new outfit to congratulate yourself on making it through the spring cold months of training, make that purchase now.  On your next run (which should be relatively short because of your taper), wear your outfit.  Remember rule #1: Nothing New On Race Day!!

I'll probably be wearing something like this....
The current outlook on the weather makes it appear rainy.  So the one exception to the nothing new on race day rule is what to do if it rains?  I doubt very many people sought out a rainy day to run in, so how does one prepare for a rainy race?  Rain affects people differently.  First guys versus girls.  Guys... if you haven't had this issue, it's much more likely on rainy day.  Water makes clothes heavier, specifically shirts.  They can be a bit more abrasive.  As sexy as finish line photos are, bloody nipples do not enhance the image.  Make sure you've applied some sort of anti-chafe balm thoroughly.

If you are a glasses wearer, bring a hat.  If you are concerned about getting cold and wet while waiting for the race to start, use a trash bag with head/arm holes cutout which you can throw out at some point during the race.  For post-race, you will appreciate having a change of clothes, including fresh socks and shoes.

Race Day Nutrition
If you haven't figured out your nutrition plan, start doing that now!!  During the half marathon you will definitely need to consider what food you will take with you on the run such as gels or chomps.  You probably should have been practicing this already with your long runs, but don't despair.  You still have time!  This also includes hydration like water and electrolyte drinks like Gatorade.

Hospital Hill will have Water and Gatorade about every 1.5 miles on course.  If you prefer some other type of electrolyte drink and haven't trained with Gatorade, I'd recommend using some sort of water belt to run with (but make sure you observe the previous tip... train like you race!)  My personal motto is to not rely on the aid stations.  I generally always carry my own water, gatorade, and gels with me, especially for hot races when I may need a drink in between aid stations.

I also plan to take a gel (Gu brand, vanilla bean or banana strawberry.. yeah, I'm kind of a girl) every 5 miles.  I also take a gel or a Gatorade Prime while in the start line.  I have also started drinking a latte on the drive into the race site, but that may be a guilty pleasure.  It does have 150mg of caffeine!  It also helps with the pre-race trip(s) to the port-a-potty!

CARB Loading!
If you remember from my posts about aerobic versus anaerobic exercise, I mentioned that glycogen is a critical ingredient in the energy conversion recipe; however, it is in limited supply.  You could run a 5k with the normal glycogen stores but when talking about possibly 10k and definitely half marathons or more, those glycogen reserves will deplete, causing you to bonk.

To keep your body primed with quickly accessible glycogen, it is generally a good idea to increase the source of glycogen prior to the race.  This is generally done by eating carbohydrates, such as pasta or rice.

I don't just load up the night before because your body really doesn't have a chance to fully digest and convert those carbs into useable glycogen.  In fact, I typically start this process 3 or 4 days prior to the race.  I cook about 1 pound of whole wheat rotini and store it in the fridge.  Then with each meal (lunch and dinner) I will have some of the cooked pasta with olive oil.  I also like to add in some smoked rotisserie chicken that I have purchased whole and then shredded by hand.  It adds a nice flavor and healthy proteins (if you make sure to use the lean meat and no skin).

nom nom nom
By doing this in the days prior to the race, your give you body ample time to load up and keep your glycogen stores topped off.

Another key ingredient is to make sure you continue to hydrate with water but be sure to stay away from the scale.  Carbs like to hold onto water, so your body weight will be higher than normal.  Don't freak out.  I do take the same approach with water, I make sure I start drinking an excess amount of water the full week prior to race day.  It helps clean out the system AND gets your body primed up with water for the big day.

<RANT>The increased consumption of carbohydrates prior to a race is often shortened because, let's face it, carbohydrates is a mouthful.  Some people refer to it as Carb Loading or Carbo Loading.  It makes me cringe when I hear people say Carbo Loading.  If you are going to shorten a word, shorten it!  CARB LOADING!!  People on the Atkins diet didn't avoid carbos, they avoided carbs! </RANT>  Sorry about that... had to get it off my chest.  Say what you want, but don't be surprised if you get a carb-induced stink eye from me.

It's A Hill, Get Over It!
Make no mistake, this race has hills.  This will be my fourth running of Hospital Hill Run Half Marathon.  In my previous three races, my Garmin showed an average of about 1,000 feet of elevation gain.  Something to keep in mind is that this race starts and ends at almost the same spot.  So the old adage of "What goes up, must come down" comes to mind.  So the first thing to keep in mind is that you will be reversing that ascent.

So don't let the hills scare you.  Take them easy so you will have energy to make up that time on the down hill.  Your legs will thank you.  What I try to do is narrow my focus on the hills.  I look about 20 - 30 feet ahead of me and shorten my step.  I try pumping my arms a little more and lift my legs up a little higher, like taking stairs. On major hills, I try counting to 20 before taking a moment to evaluate where I am on the hill.

Most Important Tip: HAVE FUN!
I know this is a little corney but the one thing I've discovered this past year is to take it all in and have fun.  Joke around with the other runners... see some kids watching the race, give them some high fives! It will do nothing but make your experience so much better!  JoeVI and I really played the part when we ran the Disney Marathon back in January.

Good luck!  See you at the finish line!

Feel free to stop by and ask questions in the comments or hop over to Twitter to chat me there!  You can find me as @ScottyTris.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Week in Review: Ironman Training Week 7

May 13 to May 19
Swim: 5000 yards / 1 hour, 45 minutes
Bike: 34 miles / 1 hour, 45 minutes
Run: 6.24 / 51 minutes
Strength: 1 hour, 45 minutes

Total: 43 minutes / 6 hours, 10 minutes

My mileage was cut down this week because of my short taper (two days off -- Friday and Saturday) and then the cancellation of the Kansas City Triathlon.

Week 8 of my Ironman Training Program is suppose to be a step back week, but instead I'm just going to follow Week 7 again since I basically took my recovery week last week.

Fitness Retest
Every few months I do a max-out test with my strength trainer to see where I am.  I'm pretty weak when it comes to strength, so the fact that I bumped up my bench press by 30 lbs is pretty cool (120 pounds in January to 150 pounds on May 13).  Back in January I could only manage 9 pushups and this time I did 30 with a 25 pound weight on my back.  To be fair, both of those test were after my bench press test.  While not part of the test, I have gone from doing 3/4 of a pull up to 10.  Woot!

We aren't doing any triathlon specific strength training activities and I'm not asking him to.  I just want to make sure my body can handle 140 miles in one day.  I do try to specifically work on core months occasionally.

My body fat has dropped from 13% to 11% with an offsetting increase of muscle mass.  Once again, I'm not focused on losing weight or bulking up.  Frankly, I feel like I don't want to drop my body fat too much or I'll lose my fuel source!!

This Week
As well as redoing week 7, I'm planning to bike to work on Tuesday (basically the only available day I have to bike to work).  This means bike to the gym, swim 2,500 yards, bike to work After 9 hours of recovery sitting in meetings, bike home, and then do a one hour run.  This is usually a 40 mile day, which means I will hit the same distance totals in one day than what I did nearly all last week.

Tryouts for the KC Corporate Challenge Bike Race is Wednesday too!  I'll probably end up doing my normal brick workout at the downtown airport after the tryouts (Note to TKB: I may be late for dinner) I normally meet with my strength trainer on Wednesday's after work, so will have to cancel or reschedule that.  Sorry Sam.

Photo of the Week
Noticed this while letting my wetsuit dry from its soaking

Memoirs of triathlons passed.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

"Race" Report: Kansas City Triathlon

This race was to welcome me back to triathlons after spending nearly all of 2012 running focused.  I quickly learned last year that the cross-training aspect of cycling and swimming is important for my running and I do love multi-sport.

I put my money where my mouth is this year with getting my gear up to speed ("speed"... get it?  See what I did there?).  I bought a Felt B12 Time Trial bike, aero helmet, tri suit, and various other "aero" accessories.  I'm quite happy with my setup now but it's time to give it the actual road test. ("road test".. get it?  I did it again)

Once we started getting into the 10 day forecast range, I was checking the Weather Channel app and it had been calling for rain on May 19 every day.  The temps were going to be beautiful but water falling from the sky, not so much.

Leading up to the race, I started my prep.  Along with the air temp and conditions, I checked the water temps daily.  The first check was mid-50s. Yikes. Wetsuit REQUIRED. Since it had been 18 months since I last used my wetsuit, it was time to prep it for the season.  Wetsuits apparently dry out like a sponge.  It's not rock hard and rigid but I'm sure it shrinks.  To prep it for the season, it's good to idea to soak it to keep it from tearing when putting it on the first time.

A good drink and read

Also part of my prep is my pre-race carb-loading

1 pound of whole wheat pasta and some rotisserie smoked chicken.  I use olive oil as dressing as it helps the joints. I had a couple servings each day since Wednesday.

I also cancelled my training for Friday and Saturday to give the body a chance to recover before the race.  I had thought about going for a nice walk Saturday morning to keep the legs fresh but we decided cheering on Lauren at the Go Girl Half Marathon was a better idea.

Lauren, Joe VI, Maddie, and Joe VII
An absolutely beautiful day for a half marathon!  Lauren was running half marathon number 2 for the year!  

After TKB and I got home to take a nice nap (spectating is exhausting!), it was time to prep get packed for the race:

A bit of a mess, but my checklist kept me organized
On Friday night I posted this on Facebook after checking for the 487th time that day:
The severe area even looks like a tornado.. NOT GOOD.

Finally after a full day on Saturday, I finished packing up my mess and hit the bed.  Just as I was getting comfortable and almost nodding off to sleep, this thing decided to blare in my ear:

That's fine.  This should be cleared up by the time I'm heading to the race.  A while later, I checked the radar after the thing blew up in my ear again with a thunderstorm WARNING:

Ugh.. OK fine.  That should be well out of the way.

The thunderstorms freaked out the dog, so I gave him and myself a melatonin.  I really didn't get to sleep until about 1am.  That's fine because I got an awesome night of sleep Friday night and took a nice nap Saturday.

Race Day!
Up at 4:30 and took a shower to wake me up.  After my bagel with PB and banana, I headed downstairs to get ready.  The radar looks OK but it's going to be interesting.  

My first pre-race bathroom break at home was pretty succesful:

If my race goes as well as my second pre-race poop, I would be smearing my competition all over the field.  Ick.
We hit the road by 5:05am to start the 45 minute trek to Longview Lake.  One thing I love about triathlons is that about half of the traffic that early on a Sunday morning is a vehicles with bikes on their roof, truck bed, bike rack, or peeking out of the back window.  As those vehicles pass me, I always say "That's OK, I'll get you on the run".

After getting parked, I started prepping the bike.  TKB bought me a Speedfill Aero Bottle for my birthday, so I attached and filled it up in the parking lot then pumped the tires.  

Attaching my bento box with 350 calories of tasty treats for the bike ride.

Around 6:15 we finally arrived at the transition area.  Supposedly the racks were pre-number but it turns out they were just marked by Age Group, which I thought was kind of dumb. Making it somewhat random by allowing people to pick their spots or by number you can evenly space out the placement of bikes so it isn't as crowded when you hit T1.  Whatever, that's fine.  To be fair, even if they are marked by numbers that's generally by age group as well.

Since we were marked by age group, I immediately found Drew and soon found Eric (competing in his first Triathlon!!!)  

Eric and Me suited up.

Stop staring at my.... ab.

BlurryCam hits the 2013 KC Tri
I walked and talked off some nervous energy.  

Note to self: Better prep the bike shoes.  Maybe try leaving them on the bike.

On the ride into the race, the pavement was wet but the clouds were breaking.  It was truly going to be a beautiful sunrise.  By about 6:45, it was pretty evident that break was about to filled with a thunderstorm.  Not good.

At 7am Drew and I walked over to the beach where I got wetsuited up.  By now it started to sprinkle.  As it moved to a rain, we moved over to the refreshment stand that had a "covering" (it was a slotted wood roof).  The Race Director indicated that they were going to delay the race by 15 minutes and make a decision at 7:45am.

Where's Scotty?  I can actually see myself.  If you see the two girls looking away from each other, one in a white hoody and the other in a  grey long sleeve t-shirt, my head is right between them, next to the post.

While Drew and I chatted up a bit, the bike was definitely on my mind.  If they cancelled the swim, I really didn't want to chance wrecking my bike on wet pavement.  That 30 minutes really started to wear on the nerves and the race mindset had lost its edge.

About 7:40am we noticed the lifeguards headed towards their equipment on the beach.  Was the race on?  Quickly it was realized they weren't headed out but, instead, packing up.  At 7:45 the RD came over the PA system and announced the race was cancelled.  

wah wah

As much as it sucked for the race to be cancelled, especially for folks like Eric doing their first triathlon, it was the right decision.  Safety is the number one concern.  They would have delayed the race for two hours for the roads to be in a condition I would have been OK to race on.

Back to the transition area where it was apparent that 20 - 25% of the participants had already made the decision and packed up. 

My transition was soaked.  EVERYTHING was soaked.  I had my cell phone in my race belt and fortunately it was still working.  I decided to go ahead and take off my wetsuit but in hindsight I should have waited until I got the truck as I then got soaked on the walk back.

On the way out, I caught up with Tucker and we all walked the triathlons equivalent as the "Walk of Shame".  

By the time we got home it had started to lighten up but I was exhausted.  Standing around, putting on the wetsuit, taking off the wetsuit, driving that long haul, and managing the nerves were pretty exhausting.  I ended up passing out for a couple hours.

I'm totally good with the call to cancel the race.  I wouldn't have wanted to do a bike and they were the only ones to keep me from doing it.  People were debating about how to handle the situation while in the staging area.  Should they offer a refund?  I wouldn't expect that because it's not like the organizers made any additional money by canceling the race.  If they didn't put a date on the medals, maybe they can save money by not making any next year.  In that case, they could offer discounts equivalent to that for next year.

In a bit of resolve, the competing triathlon in Lawrence, KS (Kansas 5150) had to adjust their race as well.  While they didn't cancel it, the changed it to a bike/run.  They had other implications to canceling the race as they are a qualifier for the 5150 Championships. The rain we were dealing with had already passed them.

I'm a bit disappointed to not get the new bike out in a race situation.  It looks like my first race I'm going to use my time trial bike is in an actual time trial race for KC Corporate Challenge.

I think the most frustrating part is the missed training opportunity.  I skipped two days of training to rest up and then missed out on today.  Yes, I could have gotten home and gone for a bike ride and/or run.  I did actually go for a 40 minute run in the afternoon, but not the same.  This coming week is suppose to be a cutback week in my training, so I'm going to plan on doing week 7 again for week 8 since I ended up cutting back so much.

The Proof
I see a future triathlete in that baby stroller... checking out my bike porn.

Look at that beautiful blue sky... or is it dark clouds?

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Race Preview: Kansas City Triathlon!

Kansas City Triathlon  Olympic

My first triathlon of 2013 is almost here!  I did this back in 2011 as my very first triathlon. I don't think I ever hesitated in registering for it this year because I was anxious to get back into multi-sport after a full year dedicated to running.  I also didn't expect that winter would hold on so tight that the decision to wear a wetsuit is a no brainer.  Seriously, it was snowing two weeks ago.

The only decision this year is to either do the Kansas 5150 or the Kansas City Triathlon   It took longer than I would expect for KC Tri to open up registration as there was a question to whether it would even be held since the website was still listing last year's registration link while it was January this year.

I'm hoping that proves to be a good thing.  I'm hoping all those super competitive triathlete types had signed up for the Kansas 5150 in Lawrence so I get a chance at a decent spot in the ranking.  Either way, I still don't expect any podium spots.

The race will take place on the last day of week 7 of my Ironman Training program.  I've completed all workouts on the plan up until this week as I'm going to take the rest of the week off but maybe an easy short run tomorrow AM.  Last night I got an awesome brick workout in that boosted my confidence for this weekends race.  After a hard 16 miles on the bike and then a hard 2 miles, I really felt like I could manage the transition.  I'm just going to hold out hope for the swim.

So here are my goals:

Swim: 1,500 Meters - 25 Minutes.  I did nearly 30 minutes in 2011 but I feel my swim has improved a lot this year.

Bike: 26 Miles - 1 hour, 18 minutes or 20 mph.  The hills will be brutal but if the wind is calm, I think I can manage this.  Hydration and nutrition will be key here.  I averaged 17.5 mph with Drew on Saturday for three laps while on my road bike and in wind.  I'm hoping 20 mph for two laps on my tri bike.  It's hard to compare this to 2011 19.2 mph pace because that was a different course with less hills (but more turns).  It was also a shorter course in 2011.

Run: 10k - 48 Minutes or 7:45 pace.  In 2011, I did this with an 8:55 pace so I'm definitely expecting a boost.  This will all be about managing my nutrition and getting settled into my pace on the bike.

So I'm looking at a 12 minute improvement of 2 hours and 34 minutes over 2011 even considering a longer bike course this year.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Ironman Training Week 6 - LOTS OF BIKIN'

May 6 to May 12
Swim: 5,00 yards / 1 hour, 44 minutes
Bike: 73 miles / 4 hours, 5 minutes
Run: 23 miles / 3 hours, 15 minutes
Strength: 2 Sessions / 2 hours
COMMUTE: 30 miles / 1 hour, 45 minutes

Totals: 129 miles / 12 hours, 50 minutes

This was a MASSIVE training week!  I really wouldn't anticipate seeing these numbers for about 2 or 3 months.  The big reason it's big is because I rode my bike to work on Tuesday.  That was an huge training day in itself.  I rode to the gym, swam 2,500 yards, continued my bike ride to work (total of 14 miles), then rode my bike home (16 miles.. took the longer route).  After dinner, I took off for the Line Creek Trail and met TKB after her run, which was an hour for me (7.35 miles).  It was a 39 mile day!

My car for Tuesday -- Prepped and ready to go on Monday night.

The amazing thing was thing about this week is it has been a horrible week for me at work.  I logged over 60 hours at the day job.  While I'm happy I prioritized my training, this can't (and won't) continue like this or TKB will divort me.  I definitely love her for allowing me to be cranky this week due to work and because of the emotional drain those kind of miles put on the body.

Time Trial Thursday

On Thursday I took my tri bike to the downtown airport where there is a 4 mile-ish loop.  My goal being was to practice doing time trials to get comfortable with the idea of pushing myself to the limits on the bike.  I'm signed up for the Corporate Challenge Time Trial on May 29th at the Kansas Speedway (Come out to watch!!!!!)  I did a warm-up ride, then kicked it up for a loop, then a recovery lap, and repeat.  I did three time trial loops.  The wind at the airport was pretty brutal as it seems to always be a headwind.

I emailed the coordinator for the Corporate Challenge Time Trial about it.  He mentioned that wind is your training friend.  Hmp... maybe frenemy.

Long Ride at Longview Lake
I finally met up with Drew from Twitter this past weekend and we did 3 laps of the KC Tri Bike course! Drew even did one more lap after I cut out.  This was very much an eye opener.  In 2013, I have completed 41 bike rides for 682 miles.  Seven of those rides (accounting for 137 miles) were on the road with the rest being indoors.  The hills on the KC Tri bike course were nasty.  While I recorded 1,500 of elevation gain, most of that came in BIG chunks.  I was spent pretty quickly.  My hope is that I killed my legs after this massive training week, which included my time trial practice 36 hours before Drew and I did the 38 miles.  This is my blog and I can continue to make up as many excuses as possible but I'll stop.... for now.

Photo of the Week

OK.. more like a screenshot of Sunday morning's twitter feed.

Convo with Paul (from Twitter... who has also started a new blog!)

Um.. yeah.  I really don't think my pre-run hydration caused this but it might have kept it from hurting that much.  I was at the furthest point away from home and uneven pavement on the sidewalk tripped me up.  I managed to catch myself and roll into the grass.  I had to look like a tumbleweed of arms and legs to all the cars at the stop light about 40 feet away.  Fortunately I was able to complete my run but with a slightly smaller ego.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Running In Harmony: Half Marathon Training & Ironman Training

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If you've been following along for a few weeks, you know that I've been ramping up my swim and bike training as part of my triathlon season, specifically my ironman training.  So how am I training for Hospital Hill at the same time?  Well, let's find out.

A few years ago I did my first half ironman race.  I followed my half ironman plan almost to a "T" from June to the end of August.  The only days I skipped were for races that I had scheduled.  My training plan was similar to my ironman plan in the fact that it is heart rate based.  As you know I'm a huge fan of heart rate based training.  As I continued my training of swim and bike, I saw some improvements in my running.  That August I ran in the Head For The Cure 5k and amazed myself with a 20:02 5k time. I was stunned with the time but a little mad at myself for not click off those extra 3 seconds to go sub-20.

With that I had understood why heart rate based training and cross training is so great.  You get to see benefits in one sport without having to devote 100% of your time on that sport.

Basically what this comes down to is I'm concentrating my training on my ironman training plan but I will likely forgo the heart rate based training for some hill workouts but trying to stick to the timeframes.

The Current Plan
Here is a breakdown of my training week:

Monday:  Strength Training
This is actually the rest day but I do strength training two days a week, so Monday is one of those days.  Until I really start wearing down for want of a full rest day, I'm going to keep this scheduled on Mondays.

Tuesday AM: Swim
Swim workouts will range from 2,500 yards to 3,500 yards throughout the 30 weeks.  These aren't just straight swims but have drills/intervals planned.

Tuesday PM: Run
These are Zone 2 (Aerobic) workouts but will eventually turn into fartlek-style runs with some Z4 (anaerobic) runs near the end.

Wednesday AM: Bike/Run Brick
These are brick workouts where I start out on my bike and then immediately transition into a run.  I plan to do these before work but in the heaviest volume weeks this is a 1.5 hour workout.  I've gotten up at 3:00am to get a 30 mile bike ride in before work, so this is still manageable!

Wednesday PM: Getting rid of the girly man.... Strength Training!

Thursday AM: Swim
Back to the pool.

Thursday PM: Bike
Not a straight cycle session.  I will probably do these on the trainer because they usually require some level of consistent cycling.  Currently I'm doing 100+ RPM Spins but they will soon transition to intervals.

Friday: Run
Eventually this will also include a swim but leading up to Hospital Hill, this will just be a run.

Saturday: Long Bike
Z2 long bike ride.  Right now these are under two hours but during the peak of this training plan this will be a 6 hour training ride!!  THEN FOLLOWED BY A 1 HOUR RUN! ACK.

Sunday: Long Run

Adjustments for Hospital Hill
I'm still debating on this but I will likely be adjusting my run workouts.  I will probably leave my Friday run as a straight aerobic workout but my Tuesday run will probably become technical in nature.  It will either be the hill work or intervals.  I also like to get runs in at race pace and I've already been doing that with my Wednesday run that follows the bike session.

Thanks for reading!

Feel free to stop by and ask questions in the comments or hop over to Twitter to chat me there!  You can find me as @ScottyTris.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Ironman Training Week 5

Swim: 5000 yards / 1 hour, 41 minutes
Bike: 44 miles / 2 hours, 32 minutes
Run: 18 miles / 2 hours, 22 minutes
Strength: 1 session / 60 minutes

My miles and times were less than prescribed.  Monday night I had a meeting, so couldn't do my strength training session (which actually gave me my first full day off in about a month).  My weekend run was replaced with a 5k.  I decided this year that I wouldn't make up my weekend training because I was doing a race.  I decided, instead, to limit my races so it wouldn't be that big of an issue.

I had been trying to schedule a weekend ride on the KC Triathlon bike course with Drew from twitter but the weather steered us away.

I will be working on my Corporate Challenge 5k race report but a quick review is I did not make my sub-20 goal.  I'm going to get that goal sometime!  My next chance will probably be at Head For The Cure 5k.  There has been rumblings of doing the Amy Thompson run in which there is an 8k and 5k, so maybe I'll do the 5k.  We'll see.

I have two posts that I need to get published, so hopefully I'll push those out this week.

Training this week will continue to push the distances but still nothing I haven't seen before.  I'm hoping to do a trial time trial race at the downtown airport on Thursday after work.  Once again, it's dependent on this stupid weather we are having.  It should be warm enough but it might be a bit too wet.  If anyone is interested in joining, let me know.  I've been trying to get some folks together at work to play along as well.