Monday, June 27, 2011

Half-Ironman Training Day 1: Four "Showers" In 30 Minutes

Rain gauges love it this time of year.  They get so much attention and last night didn't disappoint.  A couple storms flew through and one hit right about the time I went to the gym.  Determined to start my Half-Ironman Training (HIM) training, I hoped in the truck and drove to the gym.  Normally I park pretty far from the entrance but today I parked as close as I could but I still managed get drenched, including my work shirt.  Not a big deal as it would have plenty of time to dry off while I swam.

I then noticed another issue.  Most of the lights in the gym were off.  People were still in the vestibule waiting for the doors to be unlocked but the pool lights were definitely off.  Kent, the cheery eyed front desk clerk, informed us that the pool was closed due to no lights.  Crap.  I was standing there in my jammers with few other workout options. I quickly did a mental "audible" and decided to get to work early so I could leave early and do my swim after work. I would then follow it up with my bike ride.  Sweet... I'm getting my first brick session in on day 1!

I hopped in the shower and as I got out, I noticed another guy in his jammers heading to the pool.  He told me that the lights are on.  Sweet!  I can get my swim in. Crap!  My towel is wet from my shower!  Eh, I can deal.  I did my "quick" 1000 meters and then back to the showers.

While it was annoying that my plan was adjusted a minuscule amount, I got it in.  I'm so glad I have a plan now after the first 6 months of just floating between swim, bike, run.  I'm sure that I would have just skipped the workout altogether had no plan existed.

So let's recap:

Shower #1: Running from car to gym
Shower #2: First Shower in the locker room
Shower #3: 1000 meter swim
Shower #4: Second Shower in the locker room

In roughly 30 minutes.  Go me.

Schedule Change
I have officially added the Kansas City Half-Marathon in October to my race schedule.  I plan to run the half where last year I ran the full.  I'm hoping to do a large brick session with this race in preparation to Beach2Battleship two weeks later.

I also have officially added The North Face Endurance Challenge (well, it's been on my list for nearly a month) but I have finally registered. This time we are doing it as a team but more on that in a few days.

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  1. You have some great races coming up. Enjoy the your training.