Thursday, October 27, 2011

Race Preview: Beach to Battleship 70.3

Things have definitely changed from when I registered for the race.  My training plan came together and I was rocking it for 10 weeks until the bike accident.  I'm not going to get into the bike accident again but it definitely derailed my plans.  So this is how I'm breaking things down:

Swimming has definitely been hit the most with the rib injury.  When it hurts to body roll and even turn at the end of the lap, I'm going to avoid  The thing with this race is I have the most to benefit from being a bad swimmer.  I've heard the current will cut 15 minutes off of people's swim time.  Not sure I will get that but I'm thinking it will keep my swim time at a normal 2:00 / 100.

Time: 40 Minutes

Word is that the T1 requires a about 1/4 mile run.  I'm just going to tag this with 5 minutes here.  No clue really.

Time: 5 Minutes

I'm feeling comfortable here.  I've gotten 90% of my long ride distances in but I didn't get that speed work in.  I am going to target an 18 - 19 mph here.  Since I decided that I noticed that the worst climb in this bike course is a 38 feet incline over a 6 mile span.  Scary.  So, I'm sticking with my 18 - 19 mph but hoping it will be 20 mph.

Time: 3:00 Hours

I'm going to enjoy some star treatments here as as we hand our bikes off to a volunteer and we are then off to our run.

Time: 3:00 Minutes (still no clue or justification)

Two weeks ago I PR'd my half-marathon at 1:45.  I surprised myself with that.  I'm going to shoot for a 2:00 hour run here.  I think the key to a successful run is nutrition, so I've got my plan set.  More on that later.

Time: 2:00 Hours

40 + 5 + 180 + 3 + 120 = 5 hours, 48 minutes

Pre-Race: Banana's and Bagels, Gatorade G1 right at the start.  Lots of water!
Swim: Hopefully very little water and toenails.
Bike: Eat every 15 minutes by switching off 2 chomps and 1/4 cliff bar.  Gatorade/Water.
Run: One GU every 4 - 5 miles.

I'm planning to consume 350 - 400 calories per hour on the bike and as much liquid as I can carry. (which is about 80 fluid ounces of the water/Gatorade and probably more for what I live off the land).

The Trip
Joe VI and I left on Wednesday and we are currently in Greensboro, NC with Ken and Kyle.  It's been a fun trip but definitely long.  748 miles Wednesday and 318 miles on Thursday.  On Friday we pick up TKB in Raleigh and then caravan with Ken down to Wilmington.  Lauren (Joe's wife) will be flying into ILM airport where we will then do the expo and packet pickup.  I can't believe it is almost here!!

The most fun part of our trip occurred just after we passed through St Louis.  Once on the Illinois side we came up on this vehicle:

Three tri bikes on the back.  So we took a shot.  Joe put his B2B Participant Guide against the window as we passed.  The driver looked and gave us the thumbs up!  They then passed us a few moments later holding theirs!!

Joe then asked them if they are doing full or half by folding the guide in half and they answered by leaving theirs open "full".  It was a hilarious couple minutes.  We followed them for quite a while and then split off from them.  Talk about small world!


  1. Have a great race! I'll be holding good nutrition and rib thoughts for you. :)

  2. Have a great race Scott! I wish you the best and will be rooting for you from Colorado!

  3. Well done Scotty! Total finish time 5:54:02. 6 minutes slower than your goal time isn't bad in a headwind gusting to 30+ mph on the bike.

    I know that I kept "blaming" you for everything related to this race, but I think that my actual sentiment is better expressed if you replace "blame" with "thank" on every one of those. Thank you for dragging me out on all of those long weekend rides, for organizing our travel and accommodations, for setting a good example all summer on how "easy" it is to get the training done before work, and for motivating me to keep setting goals.

    I could have used a little heads up on the mushy post to Trisha, though. Lauren hesitantly pointed it out to me as if she was ruining the surprise for when I posted something similar.