Sunday, February 26, 2012

Videos from the Temple Tour & Update on Today

I worked on some more videos from our two days of temple sight seeing:

The video I had already posted from the Elephant Show:

Today - On the Town
This afternoon, Peter and I met up with four Thai associates and they took us through JJ Market again.  This time we made some purchases!!  They were very helpful!  We ate at another Thai restaurant (Tum & Yum) for dinner and now I'm back home enjoying a nice local adult beverage before starting week 4!!

Today's crew!!  Tam, Golf, Gift, Peter, and O! We couldn't find the "Kansas City" sign. 

Today - On the Treadmill
I got back on the elephant horse today and did an hour on the treadmill, covering 10.3 kilometers (or 6.4 miles for you American types).  I took it slow and watched my heart rate (HR).  I don't seem to make it through a run without knee pain lately, so I am slowing it down as much as possible based on my HR, trying to keep in 145 - 150 range.  I think this definitely helped because I barely had any discomfort.  As Joe VI pointed out on Dailymile, essentially taking 2 weeks off might have helped too.  So I'm going to take the distances short and slow this week. The idea being to get at least 30 minutes in.  I will do core/leg strength training too.

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