Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Weekly Training: April 16 - April 23

Time to return this blog to a blog about my training/racing, right?  Well, for the short term as I'm planning a handful of posts regarding my last month in Bangkok.  Since I have a tendancy to write fairly long posts, I figured I'd sneak in a "short" one about my training in the meantime.

Swim: zippo
Bike: 13 miles / 54 Minutes
Run: 20 miles / 3 Hours 9 Minutes
Weights: 2 Hours 30 Minutes

Totals 33 miles / 6 Hours 33 Minutes

I eventually need to add a couple swim workouts in since I have officially signed up for my first triathlon of the year this past week.  It's the same Corporate Challenge tri that I did last year, which takes place on June 17.  Just like last year, May and June are staking up to be busy months on the race front.  I have 7 races over the next 8 weeks.  My pocketbook is feeling pretty good though because I only have to pay for one of those races (Hospital Hill Half Marathon -- which I paid for last June).  The rest are Corporate Challenge related or I'm being sponsored by my company to do it (Trolley Run).

Looks like I really need to update my sidebar calendar of events as it still reflects last year.

Reflecting over my training since Ground Hog run, it's been rather sporadic.  A major reason is I didn't focus like I should have during my Bangkok times.  I'm also nursing a cranky knee back to health.  It was the result of ramping up from 13.1 half-ironman run to a full on marathon in 5 weeks. I have been focusing on heart rate training by starting with low and slow miles and building up my base. I've been happy with my progress on improving my speed at the same HR and healing my knee, so over the next couple weeks I'm adding in threshold runs to improve cardio further and speedwork sessions to improve leg strength. This weekend I have the 4 mile Trolley Run to gather some kind of data about my progress.  It's mostly a downhill run so it's easy to get some fast times out of it.

The next 8 weeks should be interesting.  I'm planning to adjust my schedule so I do my long runs in the middle of the week and use my races on the weekend as my threshold and pace runs.  In addition I plan to keep two sessions of weights a week in order to condition my legs to handle the workload and work on core strength.  In just two weeks of strength training, I can already tell a noticeable improvement in my knee issues.  I'm adding in a mid-week bike (or two) as my official cross-training but the weeks are already getting full!

The next two months look like this:

April 29 - 4 Mile Trolley Run
May 5 - Corporate Challenge 5k (Still confirming I'm slotted for this)
May 13 - Heritage Park Duathlon
May 19 - Corporate Challenge Half-Marathon
June 2 - Hospital Hill Half-Marathon
June 5 - Corporate Challenge 1 Mile
June 17 - Corporate Challenge Triathlon - Sprint distance
Hospital Hill is really my "A" race during this time period.  I will use the rest of the races as some sort of training run; however, the Corporate Challenge Half-Marathon I will try to actually race it to gauge my progress and set a realistic goal for Hospital Hill.

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