Thursday, October 25, 2012

Random Thoughts From Chicago & Andrew Somora Foundation 5k

A couple things that didn't make it in my post about Chicago (or maybe it did.  It's late and I'm tired but I can't sleep... so you get a new post):

  • When trying to get rid of your half-filled (I'm an optimist) water bottle from the middle of the corral, lob it over the crowd of runners.  Don't beam some un-expecting runner in the neck 10 feet away with the velocity of a major league pitcher.  Didn't happen to me but I witnessed it.  How would you like to start your race with a migraine?
  • While trying to have fun and not cry about my legs wanting to fall off, I gave some high five to people in the crowds.  I heard one person say, "ooh, that hurt".  I guess that's how the receiving end of a 8.5 - 9 MPH high five feels.  Sorry.
  • Lots of signs about poop on the marathon course.  Love it.
  • Lots of signs about Paul Ryan on the marathon course.  He must be fast or something.
  • Dear sir holding the sign "Don't let your mind win!".  Please hold that sign around mile 13 and not 22.  It's too late.
  • Chicago Marathon's elevation map looks like this "_____________/". (stolen from some post somewhere)
  • Chicago was the first race I used "throw gloves".  These are $2 gloves purchased at the local running store for the purpose of dumping them after the start of the race.  For the next race that I have throw gloves, I'm going to put my twitter handle and blog address to see if that person finds me.  No, I will not put "I have stamina, call me (xxx) xxx-xxxx." This is in response to the "You have stamina, call me (xxx) xxx-xxxx" signs.  [Unrelated: my mind thinks stamina is spelled "stimina".  Had to correct it both times]
  • No matter how many times I run 26.2 miles, I will NEVER grasp the concept of running 26.2 miles.
  • I nursed back a specific issue with the my right calf; however, both left and right calf muscles have had a general achey feeling since Chicago.  I definitely need new running shoes (550+ miles now), which is likely the culprit.  They are arriving Thursday.  I received a pair of compression leg sleeves today that I'm planning try out too but that's more part of my long distance race planning.
  • Chicago (and the Blues 'N Brew 10 Miler) boosted a lot of my confidence in running.  Based on those results, I've been picking up the pace in my training runs knowing I can handle the pace.
Upcoming Race - Bringing Up The Rear 5K

If you remember from my Hospital Hill Half Marathon Race Report (Go ahead and read it.. I'll wait... OK.  Welcome back), a friend of mine is helping put on a 5k at English Landing Park this Sunday.  It's to fundraise for the Andrew Somora Foundation which helps "families cope with the financial burdens of a colon cancer diagnosis."  Andrew lost his life to colon cancer a year ago and his wife Julie started this Foundation in his honor.  This 5k is among many of the events used as a fundraiser for the Foundation.

TKB and I signed up for the event, as well as my mother!  My Mom informed me tonight that she has been getting her training in with a couple 2.5 mile walks.  She'll do great! I've been able to convince a bunch of friends to run as well, so if you are free this weekend and you are in KC, please considering participating.  The race is only $30 and you can register here or at the race Sunday morning.  It starts at 9AM.  They recently posted on Facebook that they had 466 people registered.  That's awesome!!!  It should be interesting considering the size of English Landing Park.

I really have no expectations for this event in terms of time goals.  It would be interesting to see where I am with a 5k considering how my marathon-turn-ultra training is going.  I actually have to work all day on Saturday, so I won't be able to get any running done then.  So I am thinking about getting up as early as I can to get a long run in and then just take it easy at the 5k.  I'll be honest though.  I really don't like running at English Landing Park.  This is a crushed gravel trail.  I've done many pace runs at this park this year and the loose gravel actual hurts a little more on the legs since I don't get as good of a grip.  It seems my times are 15 - 30 seconds per mile slower on the gravel portions of the trail than when I get on pavement. I'm probably just being a big baby though.  Obviously, I don't do any true trail running.

Well, that's all for now.  

I will, however, leave you with this captivating image:

The tall skinny ones...

Even my watch has orange.

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