Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Disney is GO!

Up Next
Besides a 5 mile run last Wednesday and a 5 mile run on Sunday at the park with TKB, I mostly took the week of Thanksgiving off following The North Face 50K.  So, basically, I didn't take last week off.

Anyway, I'm back into the training mode for my next race races.  In January I will be running the "Dopey" Challenge.  That is the unofficial name of the Disney Goofy Race and a Half Challenge plus adding in the Disney Family Fun Run 5k on Friday.  So added it up: 5k on Friday + Half Marathon on Saturday + Full Marathon on Sunday = 42.4 miles.

Training Plan
So how does someone train for such a race?  Good question.  I'm basically just executing my Chicago marathon training plan.  It is Hal Higdon's Intermediate II marathon training plan.  He stacks the weekends up by running fast, decently long distances on Saturday and long slow distances on Sunday.  The peak weeks have 10 miles on Saturday and 20 miles on Sunday.  So it's a pretty good plan to prepare for running 3.1 more miles on Saturday and 6.2 more miles on Sunday.

The problem is that the Chicago marathon training plan is 18 weeks long and I have 7 (including this week) until race time.  With having just completed a 31 mile race 1.5 weeks ago, I should have plenty of base to handle starting at the peak mileage weeks for Disney.  This week is 34 miles, next week is 50 miles.  I repeat that 1 more time and then I'll start that tapering for three weeks.

I'm hoping to add a few workouts a week as well, such as cycling on Monday's (which I did yesterday) and maybe some weight training.  We'll see if that actually happens.

My last two 5 mile runs have been an average 7:28 minutes per mile and 7:19 minutes per mile.  I think with it getting cold has motivated me to pickup my pace.  We will see what happens when I use the treadmill inside.

Speaking of Hal Higdon

I did actually chat with him for about a second and shake his hand.  Unfortunately I forgot to bring my iPad for him to sign his book.

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