Tuesday, April 16, 2013

2013 Season!

My off season officially ended two weeks ago with the start of my ironman training program.  It was also kicked off with a bang with Brew-to-Brew on my birthday, April 7.  While my season still has some tweaks to be made, it is mostly concrete.

Mr. Organized

NOTE: Technically my first race of 2013 was the Disney World Goofy Race and a Half Challenge in Janaury 2013 but I consider that the end of my 2012 season.

April 28 - Trolley Run 4 Miler
I have yet to miss this race since I started running.  I was selected for my company's team again this year as I did in 2012.  My goal for this race is to evaluate my running.  I'm hoping for a good PR in this race.  My best was in 2011 at 26:51.

May 4 - Corporate Challenge 5k
Obviously I'm doing this for my company as well.  Last year I did this event for the first time and it was at Shawnee Mission Park, which is full of hills.  This year it will be the Rock The Parkway 5k course.  I'm not expecting a PR (20:02) but do want to make a good solid appearance for my coworkers.

May 19 - KC Triathlon Long Course
Returning to the event of my first triathlon.  Finally going to get my bike out in competition mode!  This is still an evaluation race but I am hoping to slaughter my time from 2011 of 2:46:43.  The course should be the same as it was in 2011 instead of the jacked up one that was used for 2012.

May 29 - Corporate Challenge Bike Race
I'm totally stoked about this one.  It's a 3 mile race that takes place ON the Kansas Speedway track!  A 2 lap time trial and I get to use my new bike.  I don't anticipate anything spectacular because I'm training for endurance and not a short time trial, but it'll be fun.

I'm still waiting for someone to bump me out of slotting for this race though, but my fingers are crossed.

June 1 - Hospital Hill Half Marathon
I'm still debating about my goals for this one.  I would love to see a PR here (1:40:10) but at this point in my ironman training, I'm not going to be training specifically for this distance.  Meaning that my longest run will only be 90 minutes leading up to the race.

June 3 - Corporate Challenge 1 Miler
Sorry, coworkers but I'm only going to be doing this for a participation point.  I have a 60 minute run on my training plan scheduled that day and my event doesn't start until 9:30pm, so I will do my 60 minute run right after work and then take a nap prior to the event.

June 15 - Topeka Tinman Long Course
This will be my "A" race for the first half of the season. Joe VI, DaneT, and Shane are going to be doing this race.  I LOVED it when I did the short course in 2011, so looking forward to it.

June 16 - Corporate Challenge Triathlon
I'm currently slotted for this but will probably only get participation points (see dates for this race and Topeka Tinman).  I'd be totally fine if I got bumped.

August 25 - Head For The Cure 5k
I PR'd this course in 2011 when I went 20:02.  Can I finally break 20?

August 31 & September 1 - Disneyland Dumbo Double Dare
That's right, I'm going to Disney again for another two race challenge!  This time it is in Disneyland and it's for a 10k and half marathon.  I will no doubt be going for a PR for this race, probably for both distance (note: I've only done one 10k so that should be easy).  Joe VI and I will get the 10k medal, half marathon medal, Dumbo Double Dare medal, AND the Coast-to-Coast!!!

October 26 - Beach2Battleship 140.6
'nuff said.

That's it!!

My race schedule is HEAVILY front load.  That's only because of my lack of backbone when the Corporate Challenge coordinators come calling.  Of the 8 races in that 10 week period, I am only paying 3 of them.  I'm trying to be EXTREMELY picky about my races.  I've passed on multiple opportunities this year (I even passed on a free registration for this weekend's Garmin Marathon!)

Races I'm evaluating:

May 18 - Corporate Challenge Half Marathon
The coordinator asked me to run this but with KC Tri the next day, I don't want to kill myself.  Doing two tri's in one weekend is stupid enough.

July 14 - Shawnee Mission Park Triathlon - Long Course
I really liked this race in 2011 and it's a good July triathlon to keep me evaluating my training but not sure I want to give up a training weekend for it.

August 18 - Pigman Triathlon - Half-Iron
I REALLY want to do this race.  I mean... BADLY.  It is going to require some travel and a hotel stay because it is about 4 - 5 hours away.  The reason I really want to do it is because I want to use it as a practice race for my ironman in October.  It's a half iron so it will give me a good dress rehearsal.  There is still a good chance I'll sign up for it but still debating and closely eyeing the registration list.

August 18 - Jackson County Triathlon
I didn't really like this race in 2011 but I should definitely get a triathlon in if I don't do Shawnee Mission Park Tri.  I'd only do this if I don't signup for Pigman.

November & December
Since the North Face Endurance Challenge cancelled the Kansas City road race, I don't have any plans for these months.  Depending on how Beach2Battleship goes, I may be looking for a good local marathon.

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