Saturday, October 26, 2013

Beach2Battelship 140.6 Dedication

There is definitely something to say about about getting up daily at 4am to swim, bike, run, and do whatever is necessary to train for race day.  I had plenty of 20 hour training weeks trying to get ready for October 26.  Naturally this means many sacrifices.  Telling family and friends "I'll get there after my workout" or driving two cars to a friend's party so I can leave early and TKB can stay late.

But this post is not about how much dedication I had to my training plan.  This is a dedication to everyone who helped and supported me on my way.  For instance:

Sam of Optimal Prime Fitness - This year I forced myself into strength training by hiring a strength training.  We'v been working together since mid-January and I know for a fact that I wouldn't be in the condition to race without him.  I completed the 30 weeks of training completely injury free.  While I have no muscle-y beach body (I'm not genetically disposed to that... and it wasn't the goal), I have felt stronger during all my runs and rides and swims.  I have less recovery time after races and heavy training day.  I just feel more solid through and through.

Co-workers - I generally try to not let my training activities impact my job.  For those few days that I actually did a lunchtime workout, I may have taken a little longer of a lunch hour.  I know there have been times in which I wasn't myself.  I had plenty of days where people would ask why I'm not so cheery or acting myself.  In fact, after one meeting a coworker gave me a $5 Starbucks gift card for me to use before a presentation I had the following week!!

Friends - I am completely grateful of Joe VI and Lauren for moving from 18 miles away to 1.1 miles away this summer.  That has given me an extra 30 minutes to get sleep on Friday evenings! You think I'm joking?  This is huge!

There were plenty of times this past year where we (or just me) were late because I had a workout to complete or leave early so I could get up before dawn to start my 7 hour training day.  Countless times I passed out on a friends couch as I was too worn out to socialize.

In addition, thanks for putting up with the fact that I only talk about training and racing.  Heck, that goes for everyone!

Special thanks goes out to Jill, Ronnie, and his wife Donna for making the trek from Massachusetts and Rhode Island (leaving at 8pm Thursday and driving through the night!!)

Family -  You have always been supportive of this new sport I've taken on and I totally appreciate it!  I'm sure watching this lanky tall kid grow up to complete marathons and now ironmans was quite unexpected.  I feel totally honored that my parents are driving the 1,200+ miles to sit around for 12+ hours to watch me finish this race.  I've gotten plenty of support text messages, emails, and facebook messages throughout this week as well.  Thank you!!

Brodie - (Yeah, this is our dog).  Sorry for freaking you out every time I would ride my trainer as you would skulk around the bike and fan as I ride; however, you sure seemed to enjoy sniffing me up and down after a hard workout.

TKB - Of course I couldn't do this without her love and support! I tried my best to complete my training at 5am before work or complete it before she gets home from work. Even so, the last few months I was still killing part or the entire morning/day each weekend while on my bike and running.  She even commented that she didn't expect to see me much over the last four weeks and sadly it was true.

She continues to put up with my desire to stay a little longer at the bike shop or order that carbon fiber bike part that may save me a few seconds or a few minutes (but hopefully 10 - 20 minutes).  She also puts up with complaining of being sore.... and smelly.

I really appreciate all the encouragement when things aren't going so well and the excitement when things are.  You are what makes this sport happen for me.  Now let's get this over so we can kick up our feet at the beach house and relax!!

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