Saturday, August 30, 2014

Two Weeks to the Next Big Day!

2014 triathlon season is officially in the books.

"Winterzied" the Tri bike.  Basically reinstalled the stock wheels and put my normal seat bottle cage back on (took it off for the Chicago triathlon as I used my Speedfil system).  Cleaned the 'transmission' as well!
The doesn't mean I'm taking the rest of the year off.  I'm planning to race the Kansas Half Marathon in November.

I will be participating in the Bringing Up The Rear 5k or 10k.  They added a 10k this year, so that is tempting and will probably be worth while given my Half Marathon training.  I've raced this both years it has existed to honor Andrew Somora. In those two years I've done Bringing Up The Rear, I got 1st place age group in 2012 and 5th overall in 2013.  The 10k was likely added because the park added nearly 2 miles of trails this year, making it easier to add the additional race.

Two Weeks!

Technically, my registration day is Monday, September 15, which is a little more than 2 weeks.  The week of Sept 8 is for people who qualify by 5 or more minutes.  If there are any spots open after that week, then September 15 will start three days of of registration for everyone who qualified (no rush to register as it is not first come, first served).  If there are still slots available after week 2, then on Sept 22 it will open to everyone who qualified again until it is sold out.  The third week is first come, first served.

They announced the fields size of 30,000 participants for 2015.  From 2009 to 2013 the field size was 27,000.  Last year the expanded it to 36,000 to allow for 5,600+ marathoners who didn't finish in 2013 to participate in 2014.  I'm still expecting my 1 minute, 43 second cushion to standup and make it through the registration process because I would have made it every year so far and they even added 3,000 participants over the previous field size.

I'm not sure when I will confirm that I got accepted; however, if on Sept 22 the registration re-opens, it's almost assured I made it since it is first come, first serve.  Make sense?

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