Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Hip Foot & Mouth Update

So I've been "mending" for a couple weeks now. Since I decided to do something about my issues, I've logged a stunning run mileage of 10.5 miles over the last two weeks.  I would have normally logged around 50 - 60.

So here's the update:

Foot Neuroma
I purchased a wider cycling shoe and started wearing my street shoes to work.  Fortunately my office allows for us to wear street shoes and jeans but I typically wear nice dress shoes to keep it classy.  No more!  Between the two, I seem to have settled the neuroma inflammation!  Woo hoo!  So while I don't think I will ever truly fix the neuroma, I can at least take precautions to keep it from having an "episode".

The wider cycling shoe is a road shoe and not a triathlon shoe.  Given that, I will still race in my triathlon shoe if I have the option for a flying mount.  My understanding is I will not have that option in Louisville, so I will probably use these wider shoes for the 112 mile gallop through the Kentucky countryside.

Hip Issues
Not as promising of an update here.  Going through the prescription of prednisone, meloxicam, and reduced mileage seems to have helped.  That being said, it's a slow improvement.  Last Friday was 10 days since my doctor's visit and I did a 2 mile run that morning.  It wasn't a struggle but I could still tell my form was slightly off.  This gave me concerns about secondary injuries such as shin splints or stress fracture as a result.  Bummer.  I called the doc and they gave me a referral to a specialist.

It's now been 4 days since that run.  I have competed in an indoor bike race (will provide more on that in the next post) two swim sessions and a four mile run.  That four mile run went really well (even with the close to negative temperature wind chill).  I had to concentrate on the form to make sure I wasn't favoring my leg and I had a small amount of discomfort in the hip.  Fortunately, on a scale of 1 to 10 it was like a 2.5.

Something that has been interesting is over the last few days since the run, my hip really doesn't bother me when walking around or cycling or swimming.  It's when I'm sitting down for long periods or laying in bed that it begins to have a dull ache.  I try not to cross my legs when I'm sitting or lying around so as to not put additional stress on the joint.

I've decided that if I'm going to hit Boston in some reasonable shape, I need to start adding mileage.  I green lighted my coach to do so.  He came back with a suggestion I was hoping for, which was increasing mileage but holding off intensity for now.  So limited speed work, which is probably a good idea.

Just as I was typing about waiting for the specialist to call for an appointment, they just did!  So I will have that appointment on Monday, which will be after a 12 mile run.  Hopefully that will just be a visit to tell him everything is ok and I don't need his stinking advice anyway.... and not me carrying in my left leg over my should and asking him to:

No mouth issues.  Just thought it was funny.

That's all for now!

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