Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Ironman Wisconsin 2019 - Injury Update and "Fun" Klutz Facts

Things are progressing.  It's been extremely up and down.  Day to day but I would call it hour by hour.

Tuesday - Took a day off from work to pick up medicine and lick my wounds.

Wednesday - Worked from home so as to not scare the office floor.  Feeling better and positive.  I was able to get a full swing stroke but it was slow.  Hopped on my bike and rode the trainer for 30 minutes.  It was tough getting into aero but once there it was fine.  I tried shifting my chainring to the outer ring and it simply wouldn't.  Hopped off my bike and called Joe at Cycle City.  He didn't have availability until Tuesday but said he'd take a look.  If anything, that'd allow him to order any parts to be installed next week.

Called my general physician who was able to squeeze me in since it was an "ER follow-up".  Scheduled an appointment for the next Thursday to have stitches removed.  Called Chiro (Dr Robert Sindorf at Elite Chiro Care) and left a message.  I knew he was on vacation this week, so hoping for next week.

My attempt to keep the sutures dry and protected during a workout.

Thursday - In the office but was getting worn out by the end of the day.  That night my right shoulder was starting to get sore.  Really really really sore.  I had been working it throughout the day but this was bad.  I ended up going to bed early with a Tylenol PM.  Couldn't move it at all.  Set back?  Instead I think it was the tetanus booster.  I think I recall that happening last time I got a booster.

Called Cycle City and they had not started on the bike yet.  Eek.

Friday - Back in the office.  The shoulder was still sore in the morning but throughout the day it loosened up.  Texted my cousin Nurse Kari about it.  Figured out my backup plan.  With either Ironman Louisville or Ironman Chattanooga, I could get a free hotel stay.  For Louisville, I could fly in Tricia for free too.

I went for a 30 minute run at the YMCA indoor track and it went pretty well.  So check running off on the list for race day ready.  On the way to the gym I stopped at Cycle City.  Joe said he had all the parts and would be working on it next.  Whew.  Picked it up a few hours later!  Thanks Joe!!

My bike is back!  With new shifters.  Wanted to tell Joe to disconnect my brakes so this didn't happen again.

Some of road rash scabs started to flake off

Saturday - Bad day.  Very bad day.  I got up early-ish and got on my bike.  Started leaning into aero and expected a little pain like Wednesday.  This time the pain wouldn't allow me to even reach the handle bars.  Noooo.  I wanted to do two hours but after 30 minutes I had a TSS of 4 (if you don't know what it is, just know it's bad).  So stopped.  I went up to Tricia who was still in bed and said this wasn't happening.  Whatever happened Thursday put me back.  After 6 days I still was in no condition.  8 more days wasn't going to make a lick of difference.

Once I calmed down a bit, we decided to go get brunch and do a little shopping.  I sent out the text to Kevin, Vicki, and Kristen that things were looking grim.  Vicki and Kevin both pushed me to text Dr Sindorf to get his thoughts.  Wait, you both have his personal phone number?!  What kind of VIP plan are you on?  Well, I did.  He agreed to work me in and likely would be Tuesday evening.

Throughout the day the arm was feeling better.  I was again able to mimic a full swim stroke.  I then realized that things are just more tight and sore in the morning and I need to discount any pain in the morning.  The problem with that is the race will start around 7am.  Gotta warm up that arm!

Bloody Mary at the J Rieger Monogram Lounge with brunch.  Needed it after that morning.  Rehydrated after the lost tears sweat.

Sunday - Woke up feeling better.  Better range/mobility right off.  No workout for me.  Went up to Fairfax, MO for a family baby shower and dinner.  Nurse Practitioner Aunt Pam said my sutures/wound were looking good.

Monday - Woke up feeing better.  Probably the best yet.  Things are looking up.  Got in some retail therapy... even triathlon related.   I ordered a sleeveless wetsuit.  Hoping it will be in by Thursday or that they are willing to ship to our hotel.  Swimming with wetsuit sleeves are challenging enough.

I also went for a SEVEN MILE run that evening!

Road Rash under Tegaderm

Really starting to heal up

Tuesday - Finally got in with Dr Sindorf at Elite Chiro Care.  Spent about 30-45 minutes with him.  He did a quite a few range/mobility tests and determined (to his ability without any imaging) that I didn't tear anything.  Could there be? Yes but not likely.  I passed his tests and since I was getting better every day, it's not a labrum tear.  Gave me some homework to do for PT exercises.  He also did some "adjustments" on my shoulder and ribs that were cranky.  Put some KT tape on myself shoulder and on my way!

Ordered new glasses, which are slightly different than my normal style.  Looking forward to getting them and not destroying them.

Did my hour long trainer ride as prescribed in my training plan.  First one since my accident.  Felt great.

Wednesday - This thing might actually happen.  I got up at 4am simply to get my bike race ready and so
I did a 21 mile ride at the downtown airport plus a 3 mile brick ride.  Everything is cruising along.  A little nervous about the new shifters because muscle memory with them isn't there yet.

It really is quite a lattice work of Kinesiology Tape

So it's been over a week now. Nine days, in fact.  I'm icing my should and also applying some moist heat.  The heat seems to help quite a bit.  I'm sitting at about 50% right now on doing the race.  Lots of things to take into consideration.  Do I chance having the wound re-open during the swim.  Even if my shoulder handles the 2.4 mile swim, what about acting as a structural strut when in aero on the bike for 112 miles? :/.

Next test is talking to my general physician at 9:30am Thursday... and hopefully a test in the pool!!!  Departure for Madison, WI is Thursday afternoon (umm... .pending delivery of my wetsuit... eeeeeeek)

Other Interesting Tidbits - I'm a KLUTZ

So I started thinking about my luck with big things in my life and injuries.  It's not looking good for me.

  • 2019 - Bike wreck 13 days before Ironman Wisconsin
  • 2018 - Jacked up my pinky toe 3 weeks before Space Coast Marathon. Opened a door into it while stepping forward.  Nearly took those full 3 weeks to get better.
  • 2016 - Nasty nasty ankle sprain 1 week before a 100 mile Appalachian Mountain bike race, Blood Sweat and Gears.  Ended up backing down to the 50 mile.
  • 2015 - Leg stress fracture diagnosed 3 weeks before Boston Marathon. Cancelled run.
  • 2011 - Bike wreck and broke a rib 7 weeks before Beach2Battleship 70.3 triathlon (with a setback that put me in the ER a month before).  Side note: almost took a codeine pill instead of meloxicam the morning of the race.
  • 2010 - Got a cold the week before my first marathon.
  • 1996 - Dislocated my right pinky finger 3 days before leading a saxophone quartet in State competition.  
  • 1984 - Broke my left arm the weekend (or two) before starting first grade.
I should probably be locked up right before major events.

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