Monday, August 15, 2011

Half-Ironman Training - Week 7

I interrupt this blog post!
After my workouts from the weekend prior, I was tired of feeling... tired.  So I left a message on our local resource for triathlon training information, Falkee Triathlon's I Tri Because I Can.  Ryan is known for doing 50 mile rides before work, so I knew he had some experience in rebounding from hard workouts.  I left a comment on one of Ryan's posts where he reviewed a recovery drink.  He was nice enough to give me a full post response.

I think I will try a couple things, such as better ride nutrition.  While I have improved consuming solids, I think there are more nutrient opportunities in my water bottles.  Ryan also has some post-recovery drink options I may try out as well.  Overall I think I do OK with my day-to-day nutrition -- if anything it probably lacks protein and healthy fats.  I could always drink more water on a day-to-day basis.

Weekly Training
  • Swim: 4500 meters (4500 meters planned)
  • Bike: 103.24 miles (100 miles planned)
  • Run: 20.06 miles / 3:06 hours (3:05 hours planned)
  • Weights: 0 
  • Volleyball:  1-2... I think.  
  • Overall: 126 miles in 10:40 hours
BAM!  10 hours in the books!  I almost didn't get it done.  Starting Wednesday night I've been having trouble sleeping and it kept being a problem to the point that I was just too tired on Saturday morning.  We were about to head out to Des Moines for the day on Saturday when TKB said she was going to go for a run so I went with.  Even though I had given up on the run for the day, I strapped on the shoes.  As TKB was turning back to the house, I decided to add a few more miles.  I then ended up going the full 80 minutes.  Throw on a trip to Des Moines, IA and back on Saturday and I was sure to sleep well!

I have always been a fidgety sleeper but it was really bad this past week.  My legs were sore and the only way to soothe them was to move them.  Even my arms and back had a similar "itch".  Thursday it got so bad that I actually hopped in a warm shower around midnight to calm the muscles (plus to clean of some sand left over from volleyball earlier that evening).  So on Friday I looked up information on Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS).  As a kid I had "growing pains" quite a bit, so I wasn't surprised that RLS is the adult label for it.

I may have mentioned before that at my physical last year that the doctor informed me that I have an iron deficiency and he asked me to take a multi-vitamin with iron.  In researching RLS I discovered that it can manifest in people with iron deficiency.  While in Des Moines I picked up an iron supplement to add to my diet of vitamins.  In the two days of taking the supplement, I have not had any sleeping issues but I think that is a huge coincidence.  Let's give it a week or two before I call it good.

If anything, taking the iron supplements may actually help my training.  Iron is a critical mineral in helping your blood carry oxygen throughout the body.  More oxygen means more efficient aerobic exercising.  I hope USAT doesn't test for high levels of iron.  I'm going to be an Ironman somehow!

  • Jackson County Triathlon is this weekend.  Thanks to Mark for the heads up on the bike course based on his experience last year.  I think I'm going to ride the course on Wednesday.  Anyone with me?
  • Still have some blog posts brewing that I've been wanting to work on, maybe they will have a chance to fully perk since this is recovery week.
  • TKB registered us for a 5K race in a couple weeks.  Working on the announcement.

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  1. Thanks for the shout outs on the post! Hope it helps. I can't say I'm always properly recovered as life takes over sometimes and you just have to get things in when you can.

    Stay tuned to my blog. Push review coming up and they will be offering up a discount code at the end! Shhh don't tell anyone.