Thursday, August 11, 2011

Snooze and lose.

I think 6 straight days of training that equates to 10 hours of sweating (seriously, 10 hours... or 10 hours, 00 minutes, and 53 seconds) finally made my body say "WTF!!"  When I turned off the alarm this morning, I apparently hit the snooze 5 times and was late to the gym.  Prior to having a training plan, I would have just said "screw it" and went into work.  But I hopped out of the bed and into the car in record time.

I prefer to get to the gym as it opens so I get a choice of lane and not have to deal with bugging people to share lanes, especially if there are already two people in every lane.  This is irrational, I know.  I rarely even ask people. If they are already swimming in half of the lane it's an open invite to split.  Thursdays do tend to be busier than my other two swim days.  I guess it's because people realize the week is almost over and try to eek in a workout before the weekend?

Without a Plan, You May Fail
I've tried holding off on saying this in order to not jinx myself… but here we go:  I have yet to truly miss a training day.  While I haven't necessarily done my workout on the prescribed day, I did get it in either day before/after OR flip flopped workout days.  In order to avoid the heat, I've shifted workouts from after work to 4:00am or 9:00pm. I've also been blessed with a relatively accommodating work schedule this summer (Thank you, clients!).

The only time I have missed the planned mileage/time was the one weekend I had a triathlon scheduled.  Fortunately, the triathlon distances were relatively close to what I was suppose to do that weekend anyway.  Right now, I only have 3 events on the books leading up to Beach2Battleship: Jackson County Triathlon Olympic on August 20, The North Face Endurance Challenge Marathon Relay on August 27, and Kansas City Half-Marathon on October 15.  I still plan to work with them and get close to my distances anyway.  The running races may turn into a nice brick session!

Yesterday I decided to get up at 3:45am (or so) and get my 30 mile bike ride in as the weather was looking to be stormy in the evening.  I got it in and was to work on time!  Talk about being lucky though. I had a meeting that evening that I totally forgot about.  If I had not gotten my ride in that morning, it likely would have been my first workout I would have missed.  Whew!


  1. A plan really does help, doesn't it? You'd think there would be some sort of harsh punishment associated with missing a scheduled workout with the way I religiously do them. Well, with the exception of swimming. I don't seem to have a problem missing those workouts...

  2. Oh, and if you haven't been on the bike course for Jackson County yet, I wanted to warn you about a particularly dangerous curve, shortly after you turn back North. I almost went flying off the road last year in the duathlon. I have a screen shot of the spot I'm talking about in this post:
    Just be mindful to watch your speed.