Monday, February 25, 2013

Week-in-Review: Feb 18 - Feb 24

Swim: 3250 yards
Bike: 60 miles
Run: 18 miles
Strength: 3 Sessions (2 with Sam)

Total: 79 Miles / 9 Hours 55 minutes

The big snow storm gave me two full rest days.  Well, unless you call 2 hours of snow blowing and shoveling snow the normal part of a rest day.  On Thursday we got about 8" - 10" of snow during the day.  I had planned to take the morning off but I couldn't get to the gym Thursday evening to run intervals.  Friday turned into a loss.  I had plans Friday evening so I made sure to get out of the house to hit the gym at 5am.  Unfortunately I forgot to check the YMCA's web site and missed that they were opening 5 hours late. Back home I went.  Now I could have been good and did some core workout stuff at home but I decided I could use a second day off.  Good enough of an excuse for me.

While I did miss a run workout, I actually squeezed in an extra bike session.  Since I was off from work on Monday, I got a swim/bike brick in.  Woo Hoo!  I have my long bike session up to 36 miles (2 hours) and Joe and I met up for a 12 mile run on Sunday.  We started with Dane for the first two miles, as well as his training partner Jason.  Jason is a cross country coach at Park Hill, so he also brought along 8 - 10 XC kids.

Next to Park University, they have some caves for storage and businesses.  There is also no gate to get in and out.  So our first stop on the run was to follow Jason and the XC kids into the cave to learn the "route".  It appears to be about 1.25 miles inside before you start the loop again, so I wouldn't necessarily use it for super long runs when the weather is nasty but it's nice to know there is that option.  Joe and I went the rest of the way on our own.

Our route took us all the way to Argosy Casino.  We passed Dane around mile 4.5 on the way there and never saw him again.  After a quick pit stop at the casino, we went back to our cars.

It was a really beautiful day and perfect for running!

Photo of the Week
Getting ready to shovel snow for the first time in a couple years.  Had I been going for a run I would be wearing tights, warm weather compression shirt and a tech shirt.  I was a bit more fluffy for this "workout".

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