Sunday, February 10, 2013

Week in Training: Feb 4 - Feb 10

As I mentioned in last week's post, it was time to take a step back for a recovery week.  My attempt was to keep the distances the same, so let's see how that worked.

Swim: 1,250 Yards
Bike: 35 Miles
Run: 12 Miles
Strength: 3 Sessions

Total Miles: 48 Miles

I did 66 miles the previous week, but that included 10 miles of test bike rides, so I was right within target.  I would have liked to have gotten a third run in but that's ok.

I actually got in two brick sessions this week (so I guess not truly recovery if adding in new styles of workouts).  On Wednesday I did a 10 mile indoor/trainer ride on the bike and then a 5 mile run.  The 5 mile run clicked off at a 7:45 pace.  I was quite pleased with that and think I can attribute some of that to my new strength training program.

My second brick session came Saturday morning.  I did an hour and a half on the bike (25 miles) and then drove the car to the dealership for a checkup and oil change.  I felt a little self-conscious wearing tights at the dealership but I was off running in no time (they probably wanted me out of there)!  A straight route home would be about 3.5 - 4 miles.  I took a round-a-bout way and hit 7 miles in a little more comfortable 8 minute pace.

It definitely felt good to get some triathlon specific training in.  Sunday I was hoping to get to the gym so I could get a second swim session in this week but my body was saying otherwise.

Back at increasing the base next week!

Addition to Family
So last week I posted about my brother's newest addition to the family, now it's my turn!

It was quite a birth.  It's a 58cm frame, which weighs in around 20 lbs.
My new Felt B12!  You can read about the purchasing process in last weeks post.  I spent Sunday morning removing all the stupid warning stickers, putting on the trainer tire (which only took a couple minutes, thankfully), and doing some final adjustments.

I wanted to put it on the trainer because I had a different style of pedal installed (Speedplays instead of the SPD's I'm used to).  So I got some time to practice those before I try taking it out for a spin.  The weather was nice and warm but it was SUPER windy, so it stayed indoors.

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