Sunday, January 19, 2014

Training Update

Training took a hiccup this week as I started inexplicably coughing Wednesday night.  So much so that I slept in the other room so as to not bother TKB.  I did my swim Thursday morning (had a work meeting Thursday night so I had to skip Masters Swim class).  Then as the day got started I could tell something was going fisticuffs with my immune system.

I decided to head things off Thursday morning at work by starting the Vitamin C drip, so I walked down to the local drug store to pickup some Airborne.  I picked up the kind that you just suck on and it slowly dissolves... or so I thought.  I plopped it in my mouth and the effervescent fizz started foaming Vitamin C.  Slightly awkward yet refreshing.  I checked plenty of windows on the way back to the office to make sure I didn't look like a rabid software developer.  Apparently I picked up the kind you put in 4 - 6 oz of water and then drink.

I ended up leaving work at noon after a meeting.  I slept until 5:30pm when lovely TKB took care of me with some soup.  Temp was over 100 degrees by the time I went to sleep for the final time that night.

I stayed home Friday to rest up even though the temp had returned to normal.  Saturday I felt about 80% and resumed training.  

Sunday was a 14 mile run and the last test of my neuroma foot issue.  While I can generally tell it's there, it is the 12+ milers that cause pains.  I did 15 miles the weekend before but was slower than my normal pace, so I kept it moving during this 14 miler.  I'm happy to say that I didn't notice any issues at all.  Time to call the podiatrist and let him know how it is progressing.

Swim: 5,400 Yards
Bike: 37.84 Miles
Run: 21.88 Miles
Strength: 2 Hours

62.79 Miles / 9:10 Hours

I ended up missing a bike and run.

I'm still about 85% - 90%  Luckily I have one more day off from work to relax and maybe top off at 100%.

Thanks for reading!

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