Sunday, January 26, 2014

Training Update for January 20 - January 26

My annoying cold is out of the system and back to full training this week.   Unfortunately I haven't been able to make it back to Masters Swim class due to various reasons (can't make it this coming week either), but I put in 5,400 yards still.  I also attended a spin class led by a coworker, Kevin (who will be doing Chicago Triathlon with us this year!).

Swim: 5,400 yards / 1:45
Bike: 37.35 / 3:14  (excludes Spin class mileage.. didn't have a way to track)
Run: 31.50 / 4:05
Strength: 2 Sessions / 2 Hours

Total: 72 miles / 11 Hours

Running seems to be on track again.  I did a 5 mile marathon pace run this week and stayed around 7:11 minute miles while a heart rate of 150.  This is spot on where I want to be.  These were flat treadmill miles, so you have to take it with a grain of salt.  Today I did 15 miles at 7:37 average pace with an average HR of 153, aided by some actual elevation gain.  I'm still feeling good about this.  My foot held up really well too.

Dishwasher Run
Saturday TKB and I decided to finally upgrade our dishwasher.  Off to the "local" furniture and appliance store.  We found one that met our needs (and mostly our budget) and took advantage of the free delivery, which was to be on Sunday.  By the time we got home on Saturday, I was exhausted.  So instead of removing the old dishwasher so that the delivery guys could haul it away, I went to sleep.  6:30am alarm so I could get my 15 miler in was waiting for me instead, so off to bed.

I eventually got out the door by 7:30am.  I did one of my favorite loops that takes me through Parkville, out to Argosy Casino then back up to 64th street through the Line Creek trail.  About mile 10, I get a phone call.  It's the delivery guys and they will be at our house between 9am to 11am.  It was 8:45 at the time!  Crap!!  I still needed to disconnect our old dishwasher!  I called TKB and asked her to do her best and took off.  Long runs are suppose to be low zone (heart rate) but so much for that.  Unfortunately, 75% of the 700 feet of elevation gain planned on this route was yet to come.

I took off and kept my pace pretty much the same for the rest of the trip but killed my heart rate considering the hills.  Just as I was getting near the final turn into my neighborhood, I saw the delivery truck leave!!  Dang it!!

When I got home, the new dishwasher was sitting in the kitchen the old dishwasher was about 95% of the way disconnected.  TKB did an awesome job getting it out but had issue with the water hookup.  So close!

I got the new one installed with few issues.  As you can see, it comes with a laser beam!  It's so quiet that they have this light on so you can tell if it is running

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