Monday, March 10, 2014

Training Updating

Swim: 6700 yards / 2:16
Bike: 17 Miles / 1:00
Run:  44 Miles / 5:31
Strength: 1 Session

Total: 65 miles / 9:47

I had a couple challenging run sessions this week, one of which was a 10 mile goal marathon race pace.  It worked out that I needed to take the truck to the dealership, which happens to be about 10 miles from my house.  I took off at 7:18 pace for the first mile and then proceeded to stay under 7:00 pace until I hit mile 9 and 10, where I hit 30% of the course's elevation gain in about half a mile stretch.  Those miles were still 7:10 and 7:11 pace, still under my minimum Boston Qualifying pace.  To clarify, I need to run a marathon at a 7:14 pace as a minimum qualifying pace but I'm shooting for 7:03 pace.

What I found interesting about this run is that it didn't seem hard to stay at this pace.  I say that in the sense that when I do a run at 7:45 pace, it seems like 7:00 pace would be hard.  I think it's a lot mental but also when you get yourself into a groove, it's not that hard to stay in that groove.

My 20 miler was the next day and it went well.  I had one hiccup, which I hope isn't a new problem.  When I first went to the doctor about my foot neuroma, he installed metatarsal pads (met pads) in my shoes.  I haven't really had any issues with that until today when it created a blister on the bottom of my foot. I could tell something was going on and when that soreness turned weird, I stopped and took off my shoe and confirmed the blister.... and that it had broken open.  I was able to finish my run with no problems.  The fact that the neuroma wasn't an issue after a hard 10 miler on Saturday and a 7:42 pace 20 mile run on Sunday makes me think I can start running without the met pads too.

I have a race announcement, which I will post in a bit.  I'm also hoping to publish my 2014 race schedule too.

That's all for now!  Check back this week for a couple extra posts!

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