Sunday, April 13, 2014

March Update & A Quick Look At Louisville Marathon!

March turned out to be a busy, crazy month at work.  I was either working or working out (aka, training).  I fell off the blogging front, so here is a recap for the month of March to today:

Swim: 14 miles / 7:22
None of these include the master's swim class.  Unfortunately work required a lot of late evening calls that cut out my chance to make it to master's swim class.  Hopefully I can get back on that bandwagon.  That being said, I've had some really great swim sessions lately!

Bike: 215 / 12:24
Nearly half of my bike mileage was outdoors!  Yes!  Hopefully spring is upon us and we don't have stupid snowfall in May like last year.

Run: 232 / 29:40
Going really well!  I did a half marathon that went really well... all though I would have preferred really well minus 6 more seconds! I've been very pleased with my training for the Louisville Marathon.

Total: 454 / 49:21 (Includes a few strength training time/mileage)
Strength training has fallen quite a bit.  I no longer have a strength trainer and Ken doesn't emphasize it this much in the training cycle.  I'm fine with that but I might put a few sessions in now and then.

KC Donut Race
A few weeks back the KC MultiSport club held an event similar to one I did a few years back called the Krispy Kreme Challenge.  I forwarded it to a couple friends (Joe and Erik) and we were suddenly signed up.  The race was to eat 6 donuts, run 1.5 miles, eat 6 donuts, run 1.5 miles.  There was another "division" in which you only had to eat 3 donuts instead of 6.  There were 4 people in the "heavyweight" division: Joe, Erik, myself, and another guy.  After eating 3 donuts, that other guy gave up and switched to the "lightweight" division.

It was on between Joe, Erik, and me.  The first 1.5 miles we all three ran together after about 4 minutes of donut consumption.  The second set of donuts were a bit slower for me.  It took me over 10 minutes but Joe and Erik were done a few minutes earlier so they left to finish the run.  Since they didn't wait for me, I didn't wait for them on the run!  I took off running 6:30 minute miles with a gut full of a dozen donuts.

By the time it was over, I had won my first overall!  Now, that might sound kinda cool but it was just us three in our division and there were probably 20 people total participating including the other division.  Oh...and no one wins eating a dozen donuts.

Our makeshift podium.  Erik, Me, Joe

Umm.. never told the coach about this race.  Wonder why....
MTC Time Trial Race
Coach Ken is offering a free Time Trial race to the public the first Tuesday of each month.  It's a three loop race around the downtown airport.  There were 28 people racing this day and he lined us up by first and last name then released us 10 seconds apart.  I'm not sure where I started but probably in the last five.

Today's race crew.  I'm off to the left standing behind the guy in orange.  Mark from Twitter is to my right.
I don't remember a whole lot of the race but I do know that I passed a good chunk of people and was only passed briefly.  As soon as the other cyclist passed me, he let up and fell behind.

I finished in 28:21 with a 23.3 mph average.  It seemed like there was a headwind the entire way!  That put me in 12th place.

Brew to brew was last weekend.  We managed to complete the relay race from Kansas City to Lawrence without injury or a hangover.  Well, at least I didn't have a hangover.  I did leg 7 with Rex that involved crossing a river by boat.

Today's running and driving crew!
First DNS (Did Not Start)!
Since I decided to do the Louisville Marathon the week after Rock The Parkway Half, I decided not to run RTP.  Wah Wah.

Louisville Marathon
The long ranger looks awesome for the marathon!  I'm hoping it stays this way..

Friday's overnight low of 47 degrees and a Saturday high of 65 with partly cloudy skies and low wind, this is shaping up to be a great running day!

That's all for now.  I'll post some race goals for the upcoming marathon this week (if you don't know what that goal is.. well, welcome to my blog! You must be new!)

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