Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Final Thoughts on Qualifying for Boston

I'm still smiling!

I will admit that I'm being pretty nonchalant about stating I'm headed to Boston when, in fact, there is still a possibility that it isn't good enough.

As I mentioned in my Race Preview, Boston does a "rolling" registration.  The first day they allow people to register who qualified by more than 20 minutes.  The second day is open for people who qualified by more than 10 minutes.  The third day is open for people who qualified by more than 5 minutes.  Then they will open it up for everyone. For this round, they will take the fastest runners up to the people they fill the open slots. They may fill up the spots will people who are faster than me!

For the 2013 Boston marathon, I would have needed to run a 3:08:45 and for 2014, I would need to run a 3:08:21 to be accepted into the marathon. I beat both of those times but 3:08:13 isn't exactly a huge cushion.  Obviously, 2014 saw a huge uptick in registrations but they also accepted 9,000 more runners.  I don't anticipate that increased number of registration for 2015 but I don't expect them to keep those additional 9,000 slots.  Should I run another marathon to get a better time?  Maybe, but I'm sticking with it for now.

So given that disclaimer, I'm still going to say "I'm headed to Boston" but I'm not making hotel reservations or purchasing plane tickets until the end of September when the registration process is over.

Other Stuff
I appreciate all the "love" I've gotten since Saturday via Twitter, Facebook, Phone, Text, etc.  I even had a guy from work, who I might talk with a couple times a year, mention something to me.  Not even sure how he knew!

I got this text from my Sister-in-law Rebecca yesterday too:

Today's Rebecca's birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  Join the party!!

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