Sunday, May 4, 2014

Weekly Training Update

Training is back into full swing after the marathon.  This means triathlon training!

Swim: 5,808 yards / 3 hours
Bike: 90 miles / 5 hours, 30 minutes
Run: 22 miles / 2 hours, 43 minutes
Strength: 1 hour, 40 minutes
Total: 116 miles / 12 hours, 44 minutes

Cycling miles are way up and that is awesome!  While 30+ miles were on the trainer, I was able to enjoy some beautiful weather outside.  I finally got back to my Masters Swim class this week (I had been away for about 2 months due to work obligations and then tapering for Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon).

I'm also spending more time in the weight room... finally!

Latest Tests
This week I tested out two changes to my triathlon setup:
  1. Going sockless on the run
  2. Attaching shoes to the bike and putting my feet in them as I start my ride.

Both of which are known to improve transition times.  So far going sockless has been a success with my new Mizuno Sayonara shoes.  I put some baby powder in them to aid in comfort and smell, although starting my run smelling like a baby's butt isn't that appealing!  I have done two runs immediately after cycling to try them out and I also went san-socks at the Corporate Challenge 5k event (write-up coming tomorrow).  I've done miles of 2.1 miles, 3.1 miles (race), 4.1 miles (not sure what's up with the .1 consistency) and so far no issues.

The cycling change may not make it to races yet.  My cycling shoes have two velcro straps and a strap that sort of buckles in.  It seems to take too long to get my feet in them while riding at a few MPH.  So I may leave that change until I get true triathlon cycling shoes that have less straps.

Upcoming Week
Should be a good week.  I'm headed back to the Downtown Airport on Tuesday to participate in MTC's 3 lap time trial.  On Wednesday, I'm doing a triathlon/duathlon tryout for my KC Corporate Challenge Triathlon/Duathlon team!  I think it's going to be awesome!

Speaking of which... I better get my race wheels installed.... 

Something New
I'd like to formally welcome my wife to the blog-o-sphere (technically we had a blog many years ago, but it sort of went defunct once twitter/facebook grew and it stopped working... I wrote the software for it).  

Please visit Friday Pies and follow her journey to feed my triathlon training and racing... ha!


  1. Friday Pies! She is so good to you! And, you are such a rock star, seriously.

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