Saturday, April 18, 2015

Welcome to Season 2015, Version 2.0

On Monday (the day after my last post), my doctor sent me in for some x-rays as my insurance denied the MRI without first getting x-rays.  The results were inconclusive so the MRI was approved, which I did on Friday.

I've never had an MRI and so I never really knew what to expect.  After removing all metal on my body, the technician put me on the patient table and then laid a heavy blanket type device on my legs. After sliding me in up to my thighs the fun started.  I am so thankful that I didn't have to be fully in the bore.  I can't image what that would be like or how I'd handle it.

After a few minutes my legs started to tingle.  Was this normal?  Then I started to experience micro muscle spasms.  Uh.   I don't want to do this thing again.   That can't be good for a sharp image!  I realized what was going on.  This heavy blanket was partial supported by my feet and my attempts to keep still was being hampered by the weight on my feet. 

She told me it would take about 30 minutes and so I thought, "I can run a 5k in less than 20 minutes.  I can mange some discomfort for a bit longer".  I was listening to a local radio station on these wireless headphones, so I just kept counting the songs.  Eventually my feet relaxed just enough to ease the discomfort and everything was good.

I had to wait until Monday to get the results.  Unfortunately, we received some bad news that Friday in the loss of my maternal grandmother.  The only shining light that weekend was spending Easter Sunday with an amazingly supportive and loving family.  They helped keep my mind on the important things in life.  

The day of Grandma D's funeral was Monday and I also got the results of my MRI: Stress fractureS.  I had a genuine concern being a casket bearer but, once again, my cousins are (strong) rockstars and helped me out.

I had to meet my orthopedist on Thursday with the results. I left the doctor's office with some new footwear.  I have a boot to wear for the next 4 to 6 weeks. Awesome.

Apparently this shows my Stress Fracture.  I think it shows my awesome.

So I emailed my coach and put out some new thoughts for 2015.  Boston was already out.  But what about the entire year?  When I did my first ironman, I did 30 weeks of training and, based off of that, I was already a month behind target.  I hired Coach Ken because I wanted something tailored to me and my schedule.  So training hadn't officially started yet anyway.  The point here is that Ironman events are way too expensive for me to half-ass them.  I'm looking down the barrel of some massive training weeks and I don't want to push myself getting back if I'm not really ready.  I still have the opportunity to get some money back from registration.  So I'm pushing my second ironman back a year.  Ironman Louisville 2016?

This left two races on my calendar.  Legends 70.3 and Ironman Muncie 70.3.  I should be able to walk without the boot by early to mid-May. That would be about 3 to 5 weeks out from Legends.  I could do the sprint, maybe the olympic, but no way I can do the half.  I would much rather cut out Legends altogether and focus on Muncie 5 weeks later.  

Will I be competitive at Muncie?  Well, I think there is a question on whether I will even be ready for it.  Either way, I am going.  I may not compete but I'm going.  I have a lot of great friends doing that race with me and it will be a first 70.3 for all of them.  I'm not missing that, even if it is from the sidelines.

So at this point, Muncie is the only race on my calendar.  I need a fall race.  What other fall races are there?  Maybe something that could involve a little vacation?  How about something near a beach?  What if there was a cool battleship museum close by?

Hello Beach2Battleship 70.3!

After talking with TKB, we decided going back to my favorite triathlon would be a blast.  I know the course. I know I can do it well.  I will be ready to compete.  After a rather crappy first half of the year, I want something to look forward to and train for and enjoy some time off.  Financially speaking, the money I get back from Ironman will cover most of the registration cost for B2B and the money saved preparing for Ironman Louisville will more than cover the rest (race, travel, hotel, food).

So here's to a new 2015!

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