Sunday, February 20, 2011

Full Immersion

Going back to when I was a kid I recall a point where hobbies and interested turned into full on obsession.  Started playing basketball?  I asked for 5 lb. ankle weights to improve my leg strength and improve my vertical leap.  The Go Kart we bought?  I spent hours sandblasting that thing so my dad to paint it.  We built a custom seat for it.  I even had part a Go Kart Supply catalog.  Here are some other notables:

  • Nintendo - Purchased Nintendo Power subscription
  • First Mac Computer - MacWorld, MacUser, MacAddict subscriptions.  Forced my mom to take me to the local Apple Conference where I purchased my first modem (and I couldn't even drive yet -- GEEK ON!)
  • Purchasing New Cars - Scoured vehicle owner forums for months.
  • Cooking - Guess who has 99% of the Good Eats episodes in his DVR?
  • DSL Camera - Subscription to Digital Photo Pro.  Eventually realized it is over my head but great photos in each issue.
  • Web Site Development - Purchased all the manuals on coding, database management, HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc I could get my hands on.  
  • YMCA Membership - Eventually got a watch with a heart rate monitor (one that just required putting fingers on the watch.  There was no chest strap; therefore, it didn't work very well).  Purchased a couple books (or got them for Christmas) on smart and effective exercise.

Eventually that YMCA membership got me running outdoors and participating in races.  This came with its own information feast: Runner's World subscription, reading information on running form (originally concerned poor form caused my shin splints), fitted for running shoes, Garmin 405cx, etc.

Therefore, my newest interest has come with its own set of data dumping.  I took advantage of our local Borders store closing sales to purchase multiple books and magazines on triathlons (and a couple on running).  I definitely felt like a noob at the checkout counter, but that's ok... I am a noob and I'm reveling in it!

PS - One thing that's consistent through my above list is I always seem to subscribe to a magazine.  I'm still looking for ones on triathlons, so if you have any recommendations, please comment.  I purchased "Triathlete" and "Triathlon Plus".

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