Monday, February 14, 2011

Weekly Review: February 7 - February 13

I decided early that this week was not going to get away from me in terms of training.  I had an early morning scheduled for work on Wednesday but I was still planning to work out.  Here are the totals:

Swim: 6000 meters
Bike: 21 miles (stationary and outside.  No trainer)
Running: 7 miles (treadmill and outside)
Weights: 50 minutes
Total Time:  6 hours, 40 minutes

This is the first time I really tried to get multiple swim workouts in.  My normal plan has me in the pool on Mondays; however, since swimming is my weakest discipline, I plan to get at least two workouts in a week and a third if I can squeeze it in.

On Wednesday evening I did a brick workout of 2000 meters in the pool and 3 miles on the treadmill.  With three laps left in the pool, pushing off caused my left foot to cramp up, localizing in the arch.  It didn't really relent until after I got out of the pool and walked.  It didn't bother me on the treadmill.   What was concerning is two days later (Friday morning), I woke up to a similar pain in the arch of my left foot and it stayed there all day.  I actually planned to do 15 miles on the trainer that morning but it freaked me out enough that I hit the snooze and tried to sleep it away (whatever, I was being lazy).

Following advice from friends, I made sure I had a banana before my next swim session and have water poolside to sip on between sets.  I haven't had a problem since.

Scotty B YMCA Invitational Triathlon
This is an 'event' I put together once a month to do a full triathlon brick session.  I basically do this once a month (ok, I did one in January and now in February) where I get to my YMCA at opening time on Saturday and do all three sports in a row with as little rest in between as possible.  This is purely used so my body can work through the rigors of doing all three events in a row.  I'm sure it has merits, but I'll likely spend my Saturday morning workouts doing long runs/rides.

Yes, this is named an Invitational but if anyone wants to join me, they are more than welcome.  Invites are really easy to get (but you have to get the YMCA membership!)

First Bike Ride!
I have been looking forward to this for six weeks.  I've logged roughly 30 miles on the trainer with my Felt and now I get the chance to actually get it on the road and hopefully not fall from the unusual functionality of the clip-less shoes.

I enjoyed every moment of it...  there was a horrible headwind coming from the south (14 - 16 mph, possibly); however, on the second loop I let the Felt take off like it wanted (Sorry Joe VI).  20 lbs of aluminum wanted to go and off we went!  I hit 26 mph on the flats with the wind on my back.  Being able to use the full circle of the pedal was just as exhilarating.  It felt fully tuned and wasn't misfiring during the "negative" portion of the pedal (don't know if that's the right term for it, but I'll take it).

Two laps down and countless more to complete.

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