Monday, February 21, 2011

If I Dress Like A Triathlete....

I've been slowly acquiring my triathlon gear for the upcoming season.  The biggest and most expensive purchase has been completed (Felt Z85 road bike) and now I've moved on to my next biggest need.  Big as in importance, not cost.  I ordered prescription swim goggles.  Having a road bike isn't going to do me any good if I can't find it in Transition 1.

In addition to the goggles, I purchased a pair of jammers.  I have no idea why they call them jammers but I guess it sounds cool.  I decided that spending 3 - 4 hours in the pool per week with my board-shorts probably weren't good on the fabric or my technique.

With the new equipment install, entering the pool today was a different experience.  The jammers made me feel like I was skinny dipping as I'm used to feeling the board-shorts fabric flowing around my legs.  I could at least confirm that no one else could see me since the entire pool area was in relatively crisp detail with the goggles.

Have you ever heard of people who have never worn glasses before and then are fitted for a pair.  They are amazed with the realization that there are leaves on trees.  That's similar to what I experienced today.  While I knew the black line in the pool was made up of small tiles, it was the first time I could actually see them speeding passing by.

With the more aerodynamic (aquadynamic?) clothing and actually being able to see the clock as I passed by, I finished my 2000 meter swim in 40 minutes.  Being able to see the clock helped with the motivation to keep pushing.  I tried to limit my rest time between 500 meter sets also.

I know that having the triathlon related clothing doesn't make me a triathlete.  I could swim in board shorts, rode my hybrid bike, and run in my marathon gear; however, I feel that this equipment is made/designed to make things easier on the athlete and I definitely experienced that today.

PS - This post at Falkee Triathlon Store helped me make my decisions on the jammers.  I recommend following him on twitter and reading his personal blog.  Very informative and motivating!


  1. Since the equation for drag multiplies the density of the fluid by the square of the velocity, your drag coefficient is influenced more heavily by speed. Drag on the bike in the air is similar to swimming in the water despite the lower comparative density of the fluid through which you are traveling because of how much faster you are going. Therefore, riding a bike in a t-shirt is the same as swimming in a t-shirt. If you can justify cycling jerseys, etc, you can justify jammers.

    I, on the other hand, swim in a regular suit because it is cheaper than a drag suit. Yes, Lauren, I realize that is theoretical advice because I haven't swam since Chicago in 2009.

  2. I stopped reading after 160 characters

  3. Yeah, I actually tried a few different ways to condense it down, but eventually gave up.

  4. I hope your infrequent posts reflects your recent training.