Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weekly Review: March 14 - March 20

Weather was finally warm enough to get the bike back out this week!  This time I took it outside the confines of the downtown airport loop and had to contend with traffic and intersections.  Ack!  Clipless pedals!  I was surprisingly better at managing the pedals/shoes than I thought I would but did have one fall (mostly caught myself) on Friday.  I'm doing better at setting up the correct gearing prior to stopping but still plenty of work.

Here's the breakout:

Swim: 9000 meters
Bike: 59 miles (32 miles outside!!!)
Run: 16 miles
Weights: 1 Hour
Total: 10 hours, 27 minutes

I feel like things are clicking well.  If anything, I'm behind on my bike simply because I have hadn't a chance to get out to mash on the pedals compared to my other new sport, swimming.  I've had all winter to work on that.

This additional time has gotten me more and more concerned about overtraining.  So I'm trying to pay close attention to my body (and then ignore it :)).  Even during the week of my longest training runs for the marathon, I only put in 6 hours.  This is getting close to doubling it.

I've been watching videos on running techniques posted on Runner Girl Training's blog.  I have started spending more time thinking about running form than I had in the past.  While landing correctly is vitally important to less wear on toes/foot/legs (and more efficient), I've been focusing on toe-off and the "Power Curve" (or something fancy like that).  Basically the back of your body from neck/head down to heal should represent a nice curve when you toe-off from your stride.  Still figuring out why that's important :).  However, when I do this I feel like my pace quickens, which actually worries me a bit so I try to be careful with it.


  1. Wow, thanks for the shout out to my blog! I hope it will be of help to you! I have this post on overtraining Don't be too hard on yourself! ;)

  2. Hi Scotty, Wow, what a week! Glad the weather has warmed up for you so you can get out on your bike. Honey, please, please be careful out in traffic. I know you are not 5 years old, but I hear of so many bike accidents in traffic.Guess I wouldn't be very "motherly" if I didn't warn you.Ha! Thought we would give you a call this evening and visit.Didn't get it done last night.
    Love you!