Tuesday, June 11, 2013

KC Corporate Challenge Track Week - Race Report!

OK.. let's see how fast I can do this race report.  It's about Track Corporate Challenge, so it needs to continue the fast theme!!

June 4 - 1 Mile
I still wanted to complete my ironman training, so I got home and did a 1 hour run.  We then got to the track about 6pm so I could cheer on my fellow co-workers.  It was immediately evident that it was going to be a long night because they were already 15 - 30 minutes behind.

TKB was a huge trooper and waited with me.... all the way until 10:30pm.  It was chilly and we didn't plan very well as we were getting cold sitting on the metal bleaches.

I did a little warm up and then queued up on the track.  The only goal I had was to beat last year's 6:10. So I was shooting for even 1:30s with the hope to kick it up in the last mile to go under 6.

400: 1:24
400: 1:30
400: 1:30
409: 1:30
Total: 5:54

Oh yeah, I have to run 9 more meters to make it a mile on the fourth lap.

Division/Age Group: 6th!  

Well, that was out of 7 people in Division A (large companies) and Age Group 35 - 39.  I still improved by 16 seconds.

June 6 - 800 Meters
Brand new event for me but I still wanted to focus on my training plan.  So I met up with a coworker to do the Shawnee Mission Park Open Water Swim at 6pm but that wasn't after until I did 3 laps of the bike course for SMP/Corporate Challenge triathlon.  I did 40 minutes of swimming and 40 minutes of cycling.  Yeah, I'm hard core.

I made it to the track around 7:30 and had to wait until 9pm to do my event.  Same as Tuesday I did a 10 - 15 minute warm up.  Then onto the track.

No clue what to shoot for so one of my co-workers told me to go under 2:49.  OK!

I don't remember the splits but...

Total: 2:47!

Division/Age Group: 4th out of 8.

So between the Bike Race, Hospital Hill Half Marathon, 1 Mile Track, 800 Meter Track, I had 4 PRs in 4 races in 8 days!  (yeah yeah yeah, two of those were first time events for me).

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