Monday, June 3, 2013

Week-in-Review: Ironman Training Week 9

May 27 - June 2
This week got shot quickly because I was still recovering from a cold on Monday.  In fact, I stayed in bed most of Monday.  I took it easy this week because of the cold and I had two races on the schedule with the Kansas City Corporate Challenge Bike Race and Hospital Hill Half Marathon.

Between Monday and Saturday, I only had one non-race workout which was a 4 mile shake out run on Thursday evening.  I did hit the streets again with Brian as we put in 37 miles on the bike on Sunday.

Consider it a crash course in tapering?

Swim: 0
Bike: 37 miles / 3 Hours
Run: 17.2 miles / 2 Hours
Strength: 0
Total: 34 miles / 5 Hours

This should have been an 11 hour week.  I'm fine with it considering I'm almost 2.5 months into training and this is the first time I've really had trouble getting in my training.  Unless I get sick again, I shouldn't struggle this much again, even though I have 2 mid-week races this week.

No strength training due to the holiday and my bike race.

Tuesday night is KC Corporate Challenge 1 Mile Track and Thursday is KC Corporate Challenge 800 meter.  Fortunately, these events are late enough in the day that I can still get in my planned workout!  Yes, that will mean I'll suffer on the track but I'm OK with that.  I'm not going to be bringing in any special points. I'm just there to fill a participant point and that's it.

I'm planning to start bringing my TT bike to the downtown airport before work and doing my Wednesday brick early in the day.  Normally I have strength training sessions Wednesday after work so I can get in my brick in.  These are supposed to be easy Z2 efforts but I may turn them into a bit of speed work sessions.  We'll see.

This weekend is race free so I'll be able to hit my distances on the run and bike!

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