Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Week-in-Review: Ironman Training Week 10

So this week presented a bit of a milestone.  In fact, it was a few of them.  For one, I am officially 1/3 of third of the way through my ironman training program.  Whoa.  Crazy!

It also brought to mind something else.  Something that has been in the back of my mind since 2011.  Let me retrace a few steps for you.

In 2011, at the end of week 9 of my half ironman training, I had PR'd my 5k time.  In fact, I missed going sub-20 by 2 seconds!!!  That entire weekend was just an amazing weekend for me with running in a marathon relay team as part of The North Face Endurance Challenge and hitting 7:40 miles for my 10k leg.  I felt on top of the world!!

As I entered week 10 that year I had a busy week planned.  One of those weeks involved visiting Garmin on Thursday to do some User Experience testing/feedback on one of their upcoming Apps (which has since been released).

Let's look at this week:
  • On Saturday I PR'd my half marathon time!
  • This week was also week 10 of my ironman training program.
  • AND TKB had a job interview with Garmin on THURSDAY.

So what?  Who cares?  Big freaking coincidence.  Well, that Thursday back in 2011 is also when I had my bike accident that broke a rib and sidelined me for much of the remaining 8 weeks of my half ironman training program.

Fortunately I can say that I had no accidents.  In fact, I continued my tear of PRs at Corporate Challenge Track this week!

1 Mile PR: 5:54 (PR of 16 seconds)
800 Meter PR: 2:47 (this was my first attempt at this distance, so easy PR there)

Overall a great training week compared to the previous numbers:

Swim: ~5000 yards / 1 hour, 30 minutes (includes one Open Water Swim)
Bike: 60 miles / 3 hours, 44 minutes
Run: 24.64 miles / 3 hours, 34 minutes
Strength: 1 session / 60 minutes

Total: 88 miles / 8 hours, 46 minutes

Much better but the 2 Corporate Challenge events kept me from completing the entire plan for the week. I still nailed my weekend distances, so happy.

Since I'm entering my 11th week of my plan, the plan itself is changing.  I'm adding a third swim on Fridays PLUS the swim distance are jumping from 2,500 yards to 3,000 yards.  So I'll be doing 9,000 yards per week in stead of 5,000.  Yikes.

My running is changing as we are adding some more intermediate runs with fartleks during the runs and I'm also adding a brick run to my Saturday long bike.

This is also the weekend of my "Goofy Challenge" of triathlons.  I had signed up for Topeka Tinman on Saturday and also got slotted for KC Corporate Challenge triathlon on Sunday.  The distance are all weird.  Adding the two together I'll be doing 1,500 meters swimming, 27 miles biking, and 10 miles running.  Swim and Bike together is basically an olympic but the running is wacky.  Let's break them down:

Tinman: 1,000 Meters / 18 Miles / 7 Miles
Corp Challenge: 500 Meters / 9 Miles / 3.2 Miles

Let's see how quickly I can do those race reports.... oh boy.

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