Monday, February 3, 2014

Update Jan 27 - Feb 2

Another build week in the books.  Unfortunately, weather didn't cooperate very well and all training was under a roof, including this last run of the week:
16 miles

I had some honey stingers for nutrition.  It was a little odd eating on a treadmill.
Snow storms the day before left for questions roads, so I went to the gym to run.  Sure, there is a "30 minute limit" on cardio equipment, but the machine let me enter 150 minutes!

Weekly Totals:
Swim: 4,650 Yards / 1:25
Bike: 55.3 / 3:25
Run: 39 / 5:10
Strength: 1 Session

This week I have a couple tests schedule.  I'm doing a bike test to determine my bike training zones, as well as do another swim threshold test.  A few weeks ago at Master Swim class I did a threshold test which involved doing 3 sets of 300 yards and average the time.  This time I'm just doing 1,000 yards as fast as I can.  I'm curious to see if they will come together.

I'm feeling pretty confident in my training for my April marathon (yes, I refer to it that way because I'm still deciding on that location).  For my long run, I just set the treadmill to 8 minute miles but could have moved it faster.  I did some interval week during the week and that felt real good as well.  We'll see what the next two months brings in terms of training and weather.  I'd rather do my long runs outside, even if it is single digit weather but I'm a pansy when it comes to icy conditions.

I'm doing some good interval type work on the bike, some focusing on form than anything else.  My Saturday rides are moving along slower than I would hope but the trainer is a killer plus I've been pretty non-stop in my training lately.  Today was my first rest day in a looong time but that's how the schedule has worked out.   With tests this week, I'm taking a few more breather days.

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