Monday, February 17, 2014

Training - Feb 10 - Feb 16

Swim: 8,250 yards / 3:06
Bike: 35.56 miles / 2:15
Run: 43 miles / 5:33
Strength: 2 Sessions

Total: 83 miles / 12:06

I got a some good swim tips this week from the coach so I did an extra swim session after my long run this weekend to focus on it.  It helped drop my 100 yard time into the 1:30s.  Now let's see if I can continue the focus during master's swim class.  I struggle focusing on my form during class as I'm trying to not try to swim into the person in front of me or keep ahead of the person behind me.  Thursday night I got selected to pace the group, which was a bit nerve racking.  

Tomorrow is my rescheduled bike threshold test.  I'm a little nervous about it since I really don't know how to pedal as hard as I can for 30 minutes.  What does "pedal hard" really mean, anyway.  

My long run on Sunday went well.  The pace was still in line with the heart rate zone. 

Photo of the Week

I got this card in the mail this past week.  I'm not exactly sure why but slightly concerned.  I haven't smoked in like...  ever.  Looking forward to talking to these people on the phone to figure out what's going.

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