Sunday, February 23, 2014

Weekly Training Updates - Feb 17 to 23

Swim: 5,280 yards / 1:58
Bike: 47.04 / 2:29
Run: 34.66 / 4:27
Strength: 1 Session

Total: 84.80 / 9:17

This ended up being a light week, partially due to my bike test and taking an unexpected rest day Friday.  I had some problems with my alarm clock Friday morning and couldn't work a training session in that evening.  Oops.

The beautiful part of this training week happen to be outside.  Three out of 4 of my weekend workouts were outside!  Saturday morning I was heading off to the the hardware store to get some electrical tape, which was also training related.  Seeing the sunny temps at 45 degrees while driving around, I decided to take my bike ride outside.  Who wants 90 minutes on the trainer, anyway?

90 minutes in beautiful weather plus a 4 mile run at 7:12 pace.  It all felt great!  Sunday morning had 18 miles on the road.  Unfortunately, the temps weren't as nice with 28 degrees.  I hit the road at 5:30am, so that wasn't helping temp-wise.  It was a good run at 7:49 pace but I was actually hoping it'd be faster.  I feel like the legs could still be stronger considering my heart rate.  I think getting more outdoor bike rides will help that, actually.

My fourth workout of the weekend was a 2,300 yard swim Sunday afternoon (after a nice long nap from the morning run).  I've been focusing on lengthening my "stride" and seeing some good dividends of it.  Now I just hope this improved form translates into the open water.

So the trip to the hardware store to get some electrical tape?  If you read my post on the bike test, you would have seen the picture of my bar tape on the handle bars been loosened and no longer holding up.  Friday night I picked up some new bar tape and installed myself.  Not a pretty job,  but it will do.  You can sort of see it in the above picture.  The electrical tape is used to tape down the end of the tape; although, this bar tape came with some finishing tape, I still used the electrical tape.

That's all for now!  Time to finish watching the Olympic closing ceremonies.

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