Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Busy Couple Weeks

Here's a few photos of what I've been up to the last week and a half...

KC Corporate Challenge Bike Race
I got a nice PR for the 3 miles this year at the Kansas Speedway.  Thanks for the photo JoeVI.  Looks like I could be a bit tighter on the track but I had just passed someone so hadn't quite moved over yet.

KC Corporate Challenge Track - 1 Mile and 400 meters
Stepped up my game and did the 1 mile and 400 meter this year.  This was the first  400 meter for me.  They needed someone in my age group so I volunteered.  Good thing because I got an extra point for the team in the 400 meter but just missed any extra points on the mile.

I'll be writing up a blog post for all the corporate challenge events.  I may even try my hand at the swim meet this year.

Spectating at Gladstone Community Center Kids Triathlon
HOLY CRAP THIS WAS AWESOME!!!  Shane texted me Friday night to say that his son signed up for the kids triathlon the next day.  My masters class was at 7am before the triathlon at the facility. I usually don't attend because I usually do my long bike or run that morning.  I made the effort this day to watch Luke after.  It was absolutely amazing watching these kids ages 6 to 14.  Luke had to do 50 yard swim, 1.5 mile bike, and .25 mile run.  He did it like a pro!

Other Stuff
With Corporate Challenge going on, my evenings have been pretty jam packed.  I'm done for the week at track even tho they have two more nights. Tomorrow I'm organizing a Triathlon/Duathlon team workout at Shawnee Mission Park.  Along with a few late nights working, I was having some trouble sleeping last week.  Needless to say, my regularly structured training has taken some hits.

In addition to this, my foot neuroma is back.  I think this is tied to my increased cycling mileage.  I adjusted my cycling cleats back in January.  That didn't seem to work, so now I'm going back to the SPD-SL pedals I used previously to see if that helps.  I'm going with the Speedplays causing the issue.  I installed the pedals tonight (I bought a second pair for my triathlon bike and reinstalled the old ones on my road bike).

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