Sunday, June 22, 2014

This Past Week

Finally got back to a good week of workouts.  It's been a good month since I consistently got up before work to get in a workout.  That's key because doing triathlon training often requires two-a-day sessions.  With work and KC Corporate Challenge, my evenings have been hard to even get one session in.  This past week I've felt like my old self as the last four weeks I have not.

My focus this past week has been swimming as I'm signed up for the swim event this coming week!  200 yard freestyle and 50 yard freestyle.  I threw my name in that hat for the Freestyle Relay as well. Along with more practice jumping off the blocks, I started doing flip turns.  It's not graceful but I'm starting to get the hang of it.  I'm not sure if I will incorporate it on the 200 yard freestyle on Monday because (1) I still have a chance of ending up in the next lane post flip, (b) because it's new, it is still wearing me out a bit doing it, (iii) still not confident doing them.

So I will be reporting back next week about the swim meet and, frankly, all Corporate Challenge events I've participated in.

I mentioned in my last post that I wished the Johnson County Parks and Rec would give a little discount to the KC Corporate Challenge Triathlon/Duathlon participants a little discount to Shawnee Mission Park Triathlon.  Ask you and you shall receive!  They sent an email out this week with a $10 discount code.  Nice!  I wish I could participate but going to be in Boston on vacation that weekend.... so don't wish I could that bad!

I went to the gym on Saturday for my threshold run.  Decided to do it on the treadmill to focus on form a bit more.  Our YMCA just completed a 1.5 year renovation that added a lot more space and cardio equipment.  I was running on one of these fancy new treadmills at 6 minute pace, when 2.25 miles into my fast pace and it shut off.  I then hopped on a second fancy treadmill and .5 miles into it it shut off.  It's kind of hard to keep the heart rate up if you keep having to go to the front desk to tell them their treadmills suck tripped the circuit breaker.  I finished the fast pace portion of the run on the 1/9th mile indoor track.

Photo of the Week

This seems to be the permanent residence of my cycling shoes.  Since I've started mounting the bike with the shoes attached and then dismounting with them attached as well, they only time I remove them from the pedals is mid-ride at a traffic stop.

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