Sunday, June 8, 2014

Weekly update...

A short update....

Within 15 minutes of publishing my last post, I had this text message conversation with our Track Corporate Challenge Coordinator, Rainy......

So I made a third trip out to Shawnee Mission North High School track to run the first leg of the distance medley, which was 800 meters for me (then 400, 400, 1200).  I joked around that I was doing a 700 meter run with a 100 meter baton throw.

Checkin deadline was 5:20pm so I was hoping we'd do our relay and I could immediately take off for Shawnee Mission Park to meet up with my Corporate Challenge Triathlon/Duathlon team for a swim, bike, run workout, which started at 6pm.  Unfortunately, we didn't start our heat until 6pm, so I missed half of the session.  Argh!  Well, I did my part and we ended up with 8th place earning a couple more points.

I had been suffering from weird stomach issues all week and they still hadn't subside.   I did manage pushing myself hard enough but not too hard, if you know what I mean.

On Saturday we did another High Five Station for Hospital Hill Run, which was a blast... a very, very wet blast.  Then after a very long nap (too long, actually), I managed a 7.5 mile run.  This morning I work up with sore and worn out legs.  This seemed odd to me since my 7.5 mile run, while a good pace, wasn't hard.  I felt like my post-High Five Station nap should have given them time to recover from standing around all morning.  My workout was a hard 1.5 hour bike then a hard 30 minute run (hard being bike intervals and 20 minutes of running in Heart Rate Zone 4... which is basically redlining).  While I felt like I was pushing hard, my heart rate barely hit Zone 3.  Legs just couldn't push hard enough, which was extremely frustrating.

I'm hoping the issue is they are still wiped from 3 nights at the track but at least the stomach issues are gone.  Speaking of issues, I installed my SPD-SL pedals on Wednesday and have been riding them.  I'm not going to call them a success yet but my neuroma discomfort has not bothered me as near much as before.  We'll see tomorrow when I wake up after my hard cycle session.

Well, the yard needs to be mowed before the sun disappears....  talk to you later!

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