Saturday, January 29, 2011

A family that runs together....

TKB and I hit the road this afternoon for a two mile lap around the neighborhood.  She bought a Garmin FR110 (lady style) a few weeks ago, so we gave it a spin run.

She commented halfway through that it was the first time she had ever run when there was snow on the ground.  I'd love for her to write up her accounts of the run because I knew she was cursing me throughout, some internal and a few out loud.  The route we took has some hills on it that can try any devout treadmill trainer.  She was a champ on them.

I don't consider myself a trainer/instructor/coach/drill sergeant at all but I tried to push her to challenge herself, even if it was to make it to the top of the hill while running.  We tried to focus on the distance and not the speed and I think she is happy with the results... well, at least she is now after a nice warm shower.

While I had toyed with doing a short run after our shopping today, I had decided against it.  I'm glad TKB brought it up because I really needed it.  Today's seven hours of work added to my current weekly total of 65 hours had zapped my running mojo.  Today's run should hopefully get my goove back for tomorrow's 10k.

(Note: I tried to come up with a good end to the saying that is the title of this post.  What can you come up with?  Leave a comment!)

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