Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"Put In" Run

OK.  This wasn't "Put In". It was "Forced In".  While nearing the end of hour 13 of my work day, I turned and around saw this:

I realized I had used my road bike as a coat rack.  Seriously?!  I needed a workout.  In addition, I'm sure TKB hasn't been thrilled with me working all these long hours, so I decided to rectify both.  I slammed shut the laptop, put on my running gear and off I went.  Now you will remember I made a comment about not running when there is a chance of slipping?  Well, I threw that rule out the door... as well as my body, for that matter.

I wasn't sure how far I was going to go.  I had just planned for going "around the block", which technically means a quarter of a mile.  I mentally mapped out a quick two mile route.  When I hit one mile, I pushed it out to a three mile route.  Just before I turned back to the house, I decided to do the "Riss Lake Gauntlet".  A valley that means you'll hit a huge hill twice.  It's bad.  I sometimes avoid it on certain runs.  By the time I was done, I had logged 5.23 miles.

Well, the coat is still on the bike but at least I feel better now.  I'll make sure I put it in the coat closet tomorrow.  How did I rectify missing out on quality time with TKB?  We cozied up to make fun of the latest offering of House Hunters/Property Virgins/whatever on HGTV.  

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