Friday, January 28, 2011

Groundhog Run 10K

This weekend marks the official return to the running world with the Groundhog Run.  This 5k or 10k (2x 5k course) race is rather unique in that it takes place in the Hunt Midwest SubTropolis.  The course is entirely underground!  I signed up for this race mostly to see what it is all about, as my races this year appear to more about the venue than the actual sport.

The weather on Sunday calls for a high of 34 degrees but it will be a roasty 68 degrees.  Cool, eh!?  Well, I guess it's warm.

I don't know how prepared I'm going to be.  My Garmin indicates I've traversed 28 miles this month.  I did that in two days in December.  I don't have a time target so i didn't train for one. I just want to take this one all in.  I've always loved the sound of running during an event.  Listening to 3,000+ pairs of shoes hitting the pavement is amazing and I'm curious how the caves will impact it.

The plan calls for meeting up with Joe, Lauren, Danny, Ben, and Kristin at Ben and Kristin's house at 8 and carpooling to the venue.  They plan to run the 5k at 9am while I hit the 10k at 10 with my brother, Mike.

Afterwords, it's time to celebrate the start of the running season with post-race adult beverages at Ben and Kristin's house.

So come back early next week and I'll tell you what I thought.

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