Monday, January 24, 2011

Poor Timing?

This blog was supposed to energize my interest in triathlons.  I had been doing a decent job with my training schedule and then I hit a "Wall".  This wall is called "Work".  My day job seems to go in phases.  About every 3 to 6 months it goes into crazy mode.  This session's crazy mode included 150+ hours in the last two weeks.  I anticipate the next three weeks to be crazy as well.

The last three workout sessions were as follows:

  • January 18 - 2000 meter swim.  My best one yet.
  • January 16 - 1.5 hour weights session.
  • January 15 - ScottyB Invitational YMCA Triathlon (2000 meter swim, 12 mile stationary bike, 3.1 miles) at my UMCA.  I got first... but I didn't invite anyone else to participate.
Since then, nothing.  nada.  zilch.  

Training Plan
While I am registered for a couple events, they aren't ones for which I have specific training plans.  So I established a general training plan to keep me in shape until I ramp up for a specific event

  • Monday AM - Laps in Pool:  Current target is 2000 meters with reduced rest periods.  I really need to structure it in order to improve my form and efficiency.
  • Monday PM - Rest but willing to do an easy run.
  • Tuesday AM - Upper Body Weight. I'm not trying to bulk up but do want increased strength and tone.
  • Tuesday PM - Rest
  • Wednesday AM - Core Weights
  • Wednesday PM - Midweek Long Run.  By March I'm hoping to be around 10 miles.
  • Thursday AM - Lower Body Weights.
  • Thursday PM - Rest but I play volleyball in Spring and Summer. 
  • Friday AM - Cycle.  Up until last month, I've been attending Spin class at the Y but now I use a trainer on my new bike.  I'm still trying to figure out how to effectively use the trainer, so right now I ride until I need to hop off to get to work.
  • Friday PM - Rest.
  • Saturday AM - Long Run.  By March I'm hoping to be around 18 - 20 miles (or twice the Wednesday distance). 
  • Sunday - Rest

I will run in bad conditions.  I have hit the road in 16 degree weather and I finished a run in a thunderstorm one time; however, if there is a possibility of slipping on ice I'll focus on something else.  If it is a Saturday, I'll try something indoors, such as my ScottyB Invitational YMCA Triathlon.

While I do have access to a YMCA Express a block from my office, I do not workout during lunch.  I wouldn't turn down a run to mix things up.  We'll see how this goes this year.

Eventually I'll start including brick workouts, especially on Saturdays.  

I'm sure my "base" training plan will adjust over the year. 

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