Monday, May 7, 2012

Week in Review: April 30 - May 6

I shifted my training schedule this week so I wouldn't miss another long run with my 5k race on Saturday.  I did a 9 mile run before work on Wednesday.  Plus I started adding or converting a run workout that was more than simply watching my heart rate (HR), a 5 mile run at pace on Tuesday.

Swim: 0
Bike: 21.86 miles / 1:23
Run: 22.33 miles / 3:21
Weights 1:00

Totals: 44.19 miles / 5:44

The race was for Corporate Challenge and was rather NASTY.  Nasty in that the event had the 3 "H"s involved, Heat, Humidity, and Hills.  I do plan to put together a short race report on it.  I finished in 22:32 (chip time based on my Garmin).  I was very pleased with this, which I'll put my reasons for in my race report.

My pace run went fairly well.  I was able to keep an 8 minute pace going for 5 miles somewhat easily; however, it was all on a treadmill.  I'm planning to move all runs outside now unless weather dictates otherwise.

Speaking of outside runs, my 9 mile long run was outside before work on Wednesday.  It was going quite well at a 9:30 pace and then everything started to shutdown on me around mile 8.  Maybe my body wasn't used to that distance that early with nutrition.  I took my gel two miles too late too, so that didn't help.  Still learning, I guess!

On Thursday Joe VI and I did a bike from his car dealership to his house. Joe needed to drop his car off for some work, so we drove out there and rode our bikes back.  We happen to ride by the Zarda BBQ restaurant and that immediately trigger a starvation response in my stomach.  While it may have been BBQ that triggered it, pizza satiated it.  We stopped by a pizza-by-the-slice place about 12 miles in for dinner.  

Joe's Comment from Facebook: The net calories loss on this bike ride with Scott is in question.

It was delicious. I thought about ordering two slices but I'm glad I didn't.  One "slice" is about equivalent of 3 slices of pizza.  It's freaking HUGE.

Following Saturday's race, Kristen and I stayed at Shawnee Mission Park to practice transitions for our upcoming Duathlon this Sunday at Heritage Park.  Kristen is doing the Duathlon for Corporate Challenge and she got the opportunity to use Heritage Park Triathlon/Duathlon for free as a practice.  I was able to get the same deal (even though I'm doing the triathlon for Corporate Challenge), so I will join her to help her figure out setup and such.  We did a one mile run, 4.5 mile bike, and 2.15 mile run.  We kept the distances short because of the heat and the fact that we both raced a 5k a few hours before (which Kristen really kicked butt!!!).

I have complained about knee and hip issues lately.  I'm pleased to say that even after Saturday's long day of training/racing, they didn't hurt at all.  I think my cycling, strength conditioning, and heart rate based running has helped but I'm not a doctor.

Week Ahead
Looking forward to this week I'm planning to do some speedwork in terms of hill workouts.  First time I have ever done that and it is important with Hospital HILL Half Marathon about a month away.  I do plan to get 10 or 11 mile run in but will probably do that Saturday (probably not the best idea to do a long run before the Duathlon but the race is just for practice, right?).  I will probably use the following week as a recovery week anyway. I will hope to get in another swim workout this week.  The triathlon is a little over 5 weeks away, so better make sure I can float.  Right now I'm only eyeing 3 triathlons for the year.

Big Race Announcement
I have already added a big race to the schedule and will plan to get that out in the next week or two.  It's a big race but it is not an "A" race by any means.... not even a "B" race.  Let's call it a "D" race....

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  1. Is it a race to North Carolina? If it's not, I don't wanna HEAR about it! :P