Monday, May 21, 2012

Week(s) in Review: May 7 - 13 & May 14 - 20

Even though this past week was a recovery week for me, I had other projects keeping me busy at home so I didn't get a chance to post about the Heritage Park Duathlon or my weekly workouts.  So I took care of the Duathlon write-up here and killing two birds with one stone on the weekly review.

May 7 - 13
Swim: 0
Bike: 74 miles
Run: 24 miles
Weights: 1:15

Totals: 98 miles / 8 hours

Very large volume week but that's mostly due to increased bike miles.  I did a 30 mile ride on Monday, rode to work on Wednesday, and tacked on 11.5 miles at the Heritage Park Duathlon.

I am also in full training mode as I have added hill work to my routine.  I just did three hills to get used to the idea.  Basically I found a 1/4 mile hill that's about 5% incline.  I take off at the bottom and push to the top.  I then jog/walk back to the bottom as the recovery and redo.  It is suppose to make your legs stronger.  That's beneficial on both hilly and flat courses.

May 14 - 20
Swim: 1,000 yards
Bike: 0 miles
Run: 23 miles
Weights: 2:00 hours

Totals: 24 miles / 5:26

This is a recovery week or me.  No bike but the same amount of run miles?  And 3 of my four runs were fairly hard sessions?  Yeah, not the smartest guy here:

Run 1: 3 mile "naked" run.  I didn't bring my Garmin and all the electrical goodness that comes with it.  I also went with a cotton shirt and gym shorts.... so it wasn't exactly naked. I even did something else I never do, I ran with headphones on.  I listened to the Royals game (they won!) Just decided to change it up.  This easy, mindless run was to help recover from the duathlon the day before but I still averaged an 8:06 pace (I did keep track of my time on my cell phone but never looked at it during the run).

Run 2: 4 mile threshold run.  I did a one mile warm up and then 4 miles at a hard pace, which averaged 7:28... with a few nasty hills.

Run 3: TRACK!  I did my first track session. 1 mile warm up, then 2 x 200 with 200 rest. Times: 44.4 & 46.1. 2 x 400 with 400 rest. Times: 1:35.5 & 1:34.9 and then an 800 at 3:20. Then cool down. Felt pretty good to do my first track session. I tried to run at a speed I knew I could keep over multiple repeats and looks like I did OK!  Although, the next day Jill asked if I was still sore.  I was never really sore, so I guess I didn't do it hard enough!

Run 4:  11 Mile Hilly Run, somewhere between Long Run pace and race pace.  Joe and I ran this together.  I wanted to do a try-out for Hospital Hill, which is why I chose this route and pace.  It was hard but we managed the 866 of elevation at an 8:23 pace.  Just three weekends prior we did 8 fairly level miles at 9:30 pace and that was a challenge, so I'm seeing some great improvement! I feel ready to take on Hospital Hill after this!!

I did got back in the pool finally.  I was able to get 1000 yards in without resting.  Looks like I can still float with motion ok.

I still have that race announcement to work on for my previous training report.  I'll work on that now for posting later in the week!!!

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