Monday, May 28, 2012

Week-in-Review: May 21 - May 27

Swim: 1000 Yards / 19 minutes
Bike: 0 Miles
Run: 22.11 / 3:05
Weights: 2 hours

Second week in a  row with swimming but also second week with no cycling.  The first week of no cycling was because I was taking a rest week.  No excuse for this past week other than I had a lot of hard running workouts (threshold, treadmill, near race pace 12 mile long run, and a race this morning), so saving the legs.

Planning to take advantage of Shawnee Mission Park's open water swim on Tuesday and will follow that up with a bike ride since my first triathlon is in three weeks.  I'm feeling great about my running so just need to make sure the bike is in order.  As long as I float, I'm good with the swimming.  If you are in the KC area and want to get an OWS in, I'll be at SMP at 6pm.  Join me!!

Met up with Joe VI on Saturday by Crown Center and we basically completed the last 12 miles of the Hospital Hill Half-Marathon course.  It was hot that morning and I'm hoping for cooler temps next week.  The 10 day shows an overnight low of 55 with a high of 78 degrees on Saturday.  Considering we started our run at 78 degrees, I think we are in good shape.  We'll see how that changes over the week.

I haven't really talked it up but I did the Amy Thompson 8K Run for Brain Injury this morning.  I got a free race registration late last week through Amanda's (my sister-in-law) company.  I had a lofty goal of 35 minute but was going to be happy with anything under 37 minutes.  This was suppose to be my weeks threshold run for me anyway.  My official finish was 36:11 for the 4.97 miles.  That was good for 9th in the age group and 82nd overall.  I'll take it.

In other news....getting a new HVAC system on Wednesday.  This 80 - 90 degree weekend has kept the house somewhat warm, so we spent a few hours at Panera yesterday after packet pickup and today, well, I'm enjoying it outside with my favorite Boulevard beverage (or 3):

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