Wednesday, January 23, 2013

2012 Year in Review - A Quick "Run" Through

No no no.  This post isn't late.  It's perfectly timed.  When this year evolved, I added the Walt Disney World Goofy Challenge as a late entry into the 2012 season.   It was so late that it wasn't scheduled to occur until January 2013.  So here we go...

So how is the best way to some up this year?  One word: Fail.  Go ahead.  See for yourself.  Read my goals for 2012.
  • Sub-20 5k?  Not even close.  I was closer in 2011, when I missed it by 2 seconds.
  • Sub-40 10k?  Did I even run one in 2012?
  • Boston Qualify?  I managed the sub-7:14 qualifying pace for 16 miles before it all feel apart.
Queue the "wah wah" sound effect.... NOW.

So what came out of 2012?  This is one thing:

Bib #126: 1st Place Age Group - Bringing Up The Rear 5K
Bib #509: 2nd Place Age Group - Heritage Park Duathlon
Bib #175: 3rd Place Age Group - Head for the Cure 5K
Bib #102: 3rd Place Age Group - Blues n Brews 10 Miler
Bib #11: 4th Place Male Team - Trolley Run 4 Miler (I left the "award" at work since it was a work team)

It was a humbling experience because for the short distance races I was actually faster the previous year.  It was 2011 when I hit 20:02 for the Head for the Cure 5k.  This year it was 20:53, yet I jumped up 5 positions.  Some would say that you need to race against people and not the clock.  I guess that's the case.  I'd say that I was racing against the pain in my legs and lungs, though.  5Ks are PAINFUL.

So here is what I'm taking away from this year:

Proper Recovery - This year I incorporated compression recovery socks, compression calf sleeves, foam roller, The Stick in my post-race, mid-race, and pre-race routines.  The compression socks and compression calf sleeves help control muscle vibration during the run to reduce damage to the legs and improves blood return to clear out the junk that builds up in the legs.

Make It Count - I prefer to run in the morning but I also did plenty of runs half asleep.  Make sure you are focused in your training.  If things are getting monotonous then change it up.  Speed sessions, hill sessions, treadmill intervals.

If you want to get faster, then run faster... occasionally.  Seems simple enough but you need to train for the faster speeds occasionally.  Don't overdue it, you got to make sure you body recovers.

Cross Training - I'm adding this because I was not successful at cross training.  This year I focused on running and I neglected my swimming and biking.  This became painfully obviously when comparing my 2011 Head for the Cure time with my 2012 Head for the Cure time.  Both races occurred during the peak of my "A" race base building.  2011 was during my half ironman training and 2012 during the Chicago Marathon training plan.  In 2012 I was 53 seconds slower.  Cross training helps!

My biggest take away from 2012?  HAVE FUN!
While in the "A" races I was thinking more about strategy and hitting my paces but I didn't forget to seek out some high fives in the crowd (assuming the flu season isn't running rampant).  If people were near me, I'd fling out a hand to grab some high fives or joke with the spectators whenever I or we (Joe VI) could.

My other race bling
Goofy Challenge, Bringing Up The Rear, Chicago Marathon

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