Sunday, January 27, 2013

Week In Review: Jan 21 - Jan 27

Off Season
This past week was my second week of off season training.  For some people it may mean maintaining that base or building.  For me, it's a little bit of both.  I finally made it back to the pool for the second time in about 5 or 6 months (probably more).  I also got in a couple decent spin sessions on the bike.  I'm starting to build endurance in those sports while trying to keep up my running base.

Swim: 1,000 meters
Bike: 23 miles
Run: 17 miles
Strength: 4 sessions

What what?  4 strength sessions?  OK, one of those was mixed in with a spin session and the other was about 15 minutes of "Homework".  Why do I have homework?  I have started using a personal strength trainer at the gym.  My first session was two weeks ago where we started some initial tests and then the two sessions this week were working on lifting form.

Needless to say, I've been sore and we really haven't been putting on a ton of weight. I don't think that's exactly the plan.  I'm not trying to bulk up but trying to manage surviving a full ironman.  Nearly every training plan I have used incorporates some form of strength training, which I referred to them\ as "rest days".  I need someone to make me accountable and this is the best way to do it for me.

New Bike?
My favorite bike shop announced 25% off 2012 bikes.  I made two trips to the shop this weekend to drool but unfortunately there were no bikes that were in 58cm frames and carbon fiber.  I'd love to have gotten a deal on a bike but being 6'4" makes it difficult to buy a bike that is in stock.  If I'm going to be dropping some serious cash on a bike, it's going to fit and it's going to match my criteria.

My plan was to purchase a new bike mid-summer but doing this research has helped me realize how much 2013 bikes cost and that they are still attainable now.  If I waited until mid-summer, I might be able to use it in one or two races before the ironman.  If I were to buy now, I'd be able to use it in all my triathlons.  It's not really a mind/pocket book struggle.

2013 Schedule
I'm nailing down my schedule for 2013.  Hopefully should have it ready this week.  I got registered for my second triathlon last week.  More on that upcoming...

Photo of the Week
TKB took a photo of me while on the bike this week.  I got a couple bike jersey's this past year and this one was given to me by my parents for Christmas.  It's my undergraduate alma mater!

I'm working on my Peter Sagan "Running Man" pose.

This is making me look forward to "Le Tour" 2013.

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