Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Week in Review - Dec 31 to Jan 6 & FINAL Costume Preview!

December 31 to January 6
I actually already chatted about Monday's run on last weeks Week in Review.  It was a fun 13 miler with Joe VI that involved some pretty photos and sore butts after falling on the ice.

That 13 miler was to get an advance on the calorie intake of that evenings festivities.

Pop! Pop! Pop!
A group of us went to Cafe Trio for dinner and New Year festivities where I enjoyed my favorite dish, the Mac Daddy.  I love adult macaroni and cheese!  The bottomless glass of bubbly was nice as well.  We stayed at a local hotel to keep our cars stashed from any driving activities.

While we did spend some time in the pool that day, I decided to not log it since.. well, it was about 20 feet across and I lose count easily.

Swim: 0
Bike: 8.47 miles
Run: 34 miles

I did manage a bike ride in the basement today.  I did an interval workout on Wednesday on the treadmill and then did a 7:30 pace, 5 miler on Thursday in the bluster 35 degree weather.

I met up with Joe VI yesterday and we did an 11 miler in the chilly, breezy weather as well.  After which we finished up the shopping for our costume.  One of the clothing articles is in the mail and the other is at Joe VI's house getting it's final costume details. It's almost come together!

So for 2012, I logged a total of 1,272 running miles:

I am planning a year-in-review post, so I'll dive into those in a bit more detail later.

I'll be doing one run this week and maybe I'll eek in another trainer ride.  If I really feel up to it, I'll hit the gym and do a swim.  Travel day to Orlando is Thursday, so I'll be working on my carb intake and, of course, packing!!!

Final Costume Preview!
Monday night I drove to Joe VI and Lauren's and "we" worked on the final costume touches:

Lauren Stitching

Joe Toupee-ing

Me Eating and Drinking (ie, carb loading) -- Helping with the duties the best I can.

Costume... almost complete.

I'm also working on my race schedule for 2013.  I'm hoping to have it nailed down in the coming weeks.  The plan is quality races this year and the return of triathlons!!!

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