Thursday, January 3, 2013

Weekly Report: Dec 24 - Dec 30 -- 1,250 Miles!

This post is a little late, especially since I need to update my previous post.  I actually wrote it on Saturday before the end of the week.  On Sunday, Kenny took me for a tour of Greensboro, NC on a 3 mile run around downtown.  After driving l,000 miles in two days, I need something to align my running chakras and this fit the bill.  Not only did we go for 3 miles, I did another loop.  Granted, I got a little lost so I took a larger loop on my own.  So add 6.25 miles to the previous post to make that week 30 miles.

Kyle, TKB, and Kenny enjoying some delicious Mellow Mushroom Pizza
After spending some awesome time in Greensboro we left for Valle Crucis, NC (it's next to Boone where Appalachian University is located).  We spent Monday, Christmas,  and Thursday in the mountains where I got a 4 mile run in at the park in Valle Crucis and did a 7 miler on the treadmill at the Boone Wellness Center.  That 7 miler put me over 1,250 miles for the year!

Mmmm... Christmas Ham!

The new age family photo!
Thursday and Friday we were in Charlotte, NC with TKB's brother and sister-in-law, Jake and Rebecca.  You'll remember Rebecca from the Krispy Kreme Challenge and Rock'n'Roll Las Vegas Race Reports.

While the weather was great in Charlotte, I didn't do any training.  Instead, I took advantage of all my training so I could go here:

IKEA!  You will be in KC soon!
This place is quite large.  Now I understand why they are tearing down a bunch of buildings to build this.

One final family fun games before we took off for home:

I may have schooled the family with my mad fake money skillz.
Saturday we took off around 6:30am in Charlotte and drove over 1,100 home to KC.  It was worth it to sleep in my own bed.  OK.  Stopping in at Kyle's brother's house for some of his BBQ at 9pm was much of the motivation.  Some of the best brisket I've ever tasted.

Sunday TKB, Ken, and I went to the YMCA for for the final run of the week (Yes, Ken and Kyle had flown home last week after we left their apartment in Greensboro).

So that's about 16 miles for the week.

Sunday evening Joe VI texted me about doing a run in the snow on Monday morning (we were both off from work).  We did a 13 miler around downtown, midtown, and the plaza.  I took some photos of some of the sites on the way:

Joe VI showing his age.... or snow.  I can't remember.

A nice little panorama

Around the gate of the arch these little gargoyles.  They looked pretty touched with snow.

It needed some fuel.

Part of the road to the arch was snow on top of ice.  We both had some fun falling on our butts.  (I may have pulled Joe VI down on this slip and slide)

You can see that sneaky ice under the freshly fallen snow.

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