Friday, April 8, 2011

Adventurous Scotty

OK.  Maybe not that adventurous but I did my longest bike ride so far.  I hit 20 miles on a route that got me close to my childhood home.  Maybe in a few more weeks I'll go all the way up to my parent's house.  This route was relatively flat compared to my ride around Weatherby Lake on Wednesday (17 miles), so I wasn't too worn out.

The route I took is relatively commercial (office buildings with some hotels) but it was pretty.  Nearly all Bradford Pear trees are blooming:

They are pretty but they are SMELLY when they bloom.
Following the bike ride I decided to shoot for a run.  I don't think I've truly completed a "brick" which I guess is suppose to be a bike then run workout.  I couldn't find a good definition of "brick" workout but it's pretty common terminology in tri parlance.  I only did a 2.5 mile loop but wish I would have gone longer.  I averaged 8 minute mile.  I would be very pleased with this come May 22nd.

The weather is suppose to be 90 degrees tomorrow so I'm going to do a long run in the morning and try to hit the pool at 7am for 4k swim.  So up at 4:30am tomorrow morning.  I'm going to try for double digit run.

It's going to be a long day as we are hosting a birthday party for TKB (4/14) and I (4/7) Saturday afternoon.  Lots of grilling, friends & family, and drinks.  We are going to get a bunch of use out of our new deck tomorrow!!!

OK.. well, this post is pretty much a procrastination post.  I'm in the middle of redesigning one of the web sites I run and was planning to get a lot of work in tonight since TKB is out tonight.  OK... to be honest, that redesign is about 7 years in the making now.


  1. That was a great brick! And you do have the terminology right. A brick is any doubled up workout. Bike to run. Swim to bike. Swim to run. Or any combination thereof.

    Have a great weekend!