Friday, April 22, 2011

ScottyTris: The Wuss

I'm quickly discovering something about me as a triathlete-in-training:  I'm a big wuss.  I'm constantly concerned about overtraining, getting injured, getting sick.... etc.  I mentioned in a post this year that in my 11 years in the rat race, I've taken 5 sick days.  Either I'm a relatively healthy person or I'm just constantly in denial (sorry coworkers).

This week was my week to get back to my base building.  Monday was 2000 meters swimming (which was actually cutting back).  Tuesday was weights in the morning followed by a brick bike/run session (my only schedule 2-a-day).  15 miles in the bike and 4 miles in the running shoes.  Tuesday evening was cold and windy.  It was 50 degrees out with 15 mph winds and the occasional spittle of rain.  My wussy self normally would have said that working out in that would make me sick, so just stay home.  Hopefully I would have put the bike on the trainer.

The plan for Wednesday morning was another 2000 meters in the pool.  I even spent a few hours Tuesday night doing some research on swimming form.  I woke up with a sore throat.  BAM! Snooze button.  Ultimately I decided to call it in.  Thursday morning... and now Friday morning.  I'm still hoping to get a run or bike in today as the sun is suppose to be out and warming things up around 3pm.  Then it looks like Saturday morning will be my catchup swim at the gym.

So yeah, I'm a wuss.  I follow a bunch of great people on Twitter (aka, Twiathletes) that are constantly talking about getting their bike/run in while the temperature is cold and windy.  People who workout "smart" when they don't feel 100%.  I use this as motivation (hence my brick on Tuesday in crappy weather).  My biggest concern is the fact that I feel like my body is in overdrive when I lay down to sleep.  This in combination with a sore throat is what I used to justify being a wuss.  I'm scheduling a physical in a few weeks to chat with my doc about it and borrowing a blood pressure machine as another gage of overtraining.

Today is exactly 1 month until my first triathlon.  I feel like I am in good shape to complete the race with my base but if I don't want to be last, I'm going to have to harden up and get out there but I want to be smart about it.

Well, enough procrastination.  I have a few hours of web site contract work to do and hopefully the sun will be out.

Schedule Shake-up
Oh yeah... I have some changes to my planned event schedule.  I'll announce those in a few weeks.  I'm sure my two readers will be waiting with bated breath.


  1. One more month! You are going to kill it!
    It is good to use the other people out there as inspiration but ultimately you have to listen to YOUR body!

  2. I have found that the more you train, the better your body can resist illness and the less of a wuss you become. Lately, I haven't been training so I am a super wuss. It doesn't help that most of my free time is spent hovering over 7 and waiting for the stars to align for him to be 1) awake 2) fed and 3) decent enough weather to take him outside. It hasn't happened a lot lately.

    Lauren and 7 are leaving today to visit her parents for a week so I am hoping to kick start my last minute training for hospital hill.

  3. Hey wuss, update your blog! :)

  4. Ugh.. I know. I was going to work on one but decided to finally try on my wetsiit... so my evening was trying to get out of it!